The Caps Lock button was working backwards: This is how I fixed it

The keyboard, together with the mouse, are two of the only methods that allow us to interact with the computer, so if any of these stop working or does it erratically or if it doesn’t work directly, we have a problem, a problem that could be easier or more complicated to solve depending on what type it is.

The caps lock key is one of the least used, unless we have the usual need to write in capital letters. If this stops working, we can use the Shift / Shift key to press each of the letters that we want to show in uppercase. However, in the long term it is not a solution. But, if it is the Windows key that is not working on the keyboard, the solution is not so simple.

If we do not find this problem, we can solve it in different ways since the reasons why this key has stopped working are very varied if they do not always stop doing so for a specific reason.

  • Restart your computer. The first thing that we should always do when we face a problem with a device managed by an operating system is to restart it so that any programs stored in memory can affect the operation of the equipment or accessories.
  • Disconnect and connect the keyboard. If after restarting, we still have the problem, we must try to disconnect the keyboard, wait for Windows to detect that we have disconnected it and reconnect it. In this way we reserve we are telling Windows to recognize the keyboard again and it will restart it internally.
  • Check that the key is not stuck. We must also make sure that the key is not stuck, something quite common in membrane keyboards. To do it, we just have to use the Windows virtual keyboard and check if the number block key is on. If so and clicking on it does not deactivate the problem is in the keyboard. We can find the Windows virtual keyboard through the search box with the words “on-screen keyboard”.

  • Update keyboard drivers. Whether it is a keyboard that includes software for managing dedicated keys, or a generic keyboard, another step that we must take to verify that if the problem is related to the device drivers is to update them from the Device Manager in the case of a generic keyboard and check if the application that manages it has an update available.
  • If the problem occurs in Word. Word allows us to write only in capital letters regardless of whether we use the keyboard button for this functionality. If we have recently used Word, it is possible that, without realizing it, we have activated this function. To check it, we must place the mouse on the Word status bar and press the right mouse button. Next, we check if the Caps Lock option is enabled or disabled.

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