The cause of death in NVIDIA RTX in games is already known

A few weeks ago, a surprising and incredible piece of news appeared: the playable beta of the Amazon Studios MMO, New Worlds, had caused the NVIDIA RTX 3090s to stop working. So far EVGA has remained elusive about the problems and death of their RTX 3090 custom, but after a while they have come to recognize the mea culpa. What was the problem with the RTX 3090 of EVGA with NVIDIA GPU?

When users of the so extremely expensive, as powerful and unattainable NVIDIA RTX 3090 From EVGA, they saw their graphics cards die a few weeks ago it had to be tough. More than anything due to the fact that no one likes that a gaming graphics card that costs in many cases more than a whole computer ends up turning into a nice worthless paperweight after a short time.

The initial analysis that was done on the problem pointed to the cooling system, since the fans did not start to cool the card when it was put at high clock speeds. Which usually happens with games with a high graphic load. And although GPUs can reach these speeds, they require cooling systems so that their sustained use is not harmful. Well, EVGA after having studied the graphics cards that were returned to them for malfunctions have been able to reveal and the fault is not the cooling system.

Who Killed the RTX 3090 with NVIDIA GPUs? The culprit is welding

EVGA RTX 3090 Graphics Card MOSFETS

According to EVGA the problem has only affected a relatively low number of the total of its RTX 3090. We cannot forget that this GPU is a very scarce card in the gaming market in all its variants, since a good part has gone to mining . If anything, EVGA has been able to confirm that neither Amazon’s game nor the fan controller are to blame for the RTX 3090 problem.

From EVGA they have carried out a detailed study, where they have checked with X-rays the condition of all their broken RTX 3090s. The result? They have been able to diagnose that the problem with their EVGA RTX 3090 KINGPIN seems to be an error in the soldering of the MOSFETs on the graphics card PCB. Let’s not forget that these are part of the analog circuitry which is responsible for manage and supply energy to the components of the graphics card, so they are a crucial part for its operation.

Considering that NVIDIA only provides a small MCM with the GPU and VRAM to manufacturers. There is no doubt that EVGA is to blame for what has happened to their graphics cards as they are responsible for the analog circuitry of their custom GPUs. In any case, they had already given replacement graphics cards to those affected by this problem, so those who have suffered the problem can still enjoy their powerful EVGA RTX 3090 to play their favorite games.

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