The CEO of Epic denounces even today, the propaganda of the Apple App Store

CEO of Epic Games

Tim sweeney, the man behind the 1984 “Fortnite” ad campaign against Apple, claims that corporate propaganda shouldn’t be the answer to big tech problems. And he says that when he has used that ruse himself. However, it seems that he is justified in using it but others against him are not. And why is she now coming out with these? More than anything because it seems that the trial has been postponed and they have not advanced too much in their claims.

Epic Games’ lawsuit against Apple may have been postponed, but Tim Sweeney is still complaining about Apple’s business practices on Twitter. While a verdict and a judge’s action plan are still pending, “Fortnite” continues to exist outside of Apple’s platforms. A tweet from Epic CEO Tim Sweeney suggests that corporate propaganda campaigns shouldn’t be the solution to a problem, that companies should “just fix it and bear the costs.” Sweeney’s statement It comes after Apple’s privacy report was released on Wednesday.

It is somewhat contradictory to see this message on the social network of the blue bird, but if we look back we can see how he himself has done something similar and even bigger. Apple has reported on its privacy strategy. The CEO of Epic Games infers from that statement that he is attacking everything he fights for. However, it seems that he forgets everything that he himself has mentioned previously. It even seems that you forget that you launched a campaign against Apple alluding to the monopoly of Microsoft computers.

After the ad ran, Fortnite had in-game content announcing legal opposition against Apple. The entire campaign was run via the #FreeFortnite hashtag to convince gamers to speak out against Apple’s business practices. Remember that the game was removed from Apple platforms, and despite being able to return to the App Store at any time, Tim Sweeney refused to “just fix it and bear the costs.”

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