The challenge of the national parks appears on the Apple Watch

National parks challenge

A few days ago we told you that Apple had prepared a new challenge for this Saturday, August 28, 2021 related to the national parks of the United States. This challenge for Apple Watch users has been a tradition for a few years and in this case it is about doing at least one mile, which is the same as 1.6 km walking, running or training in a wheelchair.

At Apple they are very involved with the conservation of these national parks and this time sThe 105th anniversary of the United States National ParksTherefore, in addition to the challenge, it launches its campaign of donations of 10 dollars for each purchase made with Apple Pay in its physical stores, online and even in the US App Store.

The challenge and its medal available to all

Undoubtedly the objective of all these challenges is to move and in this case the company has been following a good line of challenges that make many people get hooked on sports or outdoor exercise in general. It is not necessary to remember that the main winners are the users who perform this physical activity, health is the most important thing for people.

So you know, next Saturday, August 28, you have a challenge to meet, the key for those who never play sports is to start moving with relaxed activities like this one that also serves to get this medal and the different stickers that can later be sent in the messages. Once the challenge is done, you may want to do more activity or similar physical activities, so that is really the challenge for each one.

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