The change everyone wants in Siri could be near

One of the big problems that Apple has is Siri, and it is that despite the fact that for basic things it usually works quite well, if we compare its capabilities with what the competition offers, it can be seen how Apple’s assistant is far behind. , something that of course Apple cannot afford and in what it seems, that it is already working. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

Apple, with Siri, was pioneer in virtual assistants It is concerned, in fact it was the first company to offer something of this style to users, and of course it marked a before and after. However, since then the evolution has been quite slow, and the changes from the first Siri to the current one are quite small, which has caused companies like Google or Amazon to pass far above Apple in the field of virtual assistants. .

AI could come to Siri

However, as they say, It is never late if happiness is goodand it is that one of the rumors that has been known in recent days around Apple and more specifically, around Siri shows that Apple has not forgotten its assistant, and that what could come would be really big . Right at a time when AI is boomingdominating the front pages of all the news and media, it is known that the Cupertino company could be working on generative AI concepts that would be destined for Siri.

That is, Apple intends to introduce AI inside Siri, to thus help users to have a truly trained virtual assistant. All this comes because, according to a leak, during the annual AI summit that was held a month ago, Apple employees were informed of the great language model that Apple is carrying out. So much so that it is also known that Apple engineers have been testing concepts and continue to do so every week, to make Siri the virtual assistant that all users need.

Siri on HomePod

As reported by John Burkey, former Apple engineer who worked on Sirito the New York Times, one of the reasons why the company’s assistant has not improved has been because of the code it has, which seems to be really bad, in fact, the engineer himself has defined it as “clumsy code”. This has made it really difficult to introduce new functions, triggering the moment in which the Apple assistant is today.

We will have to see how Apple’s intention to finally make Siri the best assistant of the momentsomething that of course is really complicated, but that with the rise of AI can change, and that is that if there is one thing Apple knows how to do, it is to use what it already has to make it even better than the competition, and of course, Siri needs it.

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