The cheap iPhone 14 screen will bring a pleasant surprise

For several years now, Apple has been launching two ranges of iPhone within the same generation. On the one hand the ‘Pro’ models, and on the other the standard ones. These have differences in some sections such as the camera, but also in the screen. And despite the fact that this year the elimination of the ‘mini’ is expected, they would once again opt for two different ranges, now the screen being an element that would not be so different.

Mark Gurman, a Bloomberg analyst, is not only one of the most successful men when it comes to predicting the characteristics of future Apple devices, but he is also one of those who is giving more information about the iPhone 14. In his The last weekly newsletter has talked precisely about the screens of this year’s standard models, which would be more similar to the ‘Pro’.

ProMotion for everyone, according to Gurman

The refresh rate of the iPhone 13 Pro was finally 120 Hz, leaving 60 Hz for the iPhone 13 and 13 mini, thus also joining a trend that other manufacturers had been setting for years. We already assumed that this feature would continue to be present in the ’14 Pro’, but according to Mark Gurman’s report, non-‘Pro’ models would also bring it.

And although there are months to confirm it, this prediction does not sound unreasonable. In fact it is the natural evolution that it would have, since in previous years we have already seen how some innovations initially exclusive to the ‘Pro’ have been passed on to the rest. See for example the OLED screens.

What would this novelty imply?

In case you are not very involved in the meaning of this technology that Apple calls ProMotion, it is the number of times that a device updates the content of its screen per second. Traditionally they have been 60 Hz, which means that it is updated 60 times per second, while with 120 Hz there is a greater sense of flow in scrolling through the system, especially scrolling. Although perhaps where it is most noticeable is in media playback recorded at a similar rate and in video game also take advantage of this technology.

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In the case of the iPhone, it must be said that it is a technology that adapts to the content on the screen, so if you are in a menu or a fixed part of the system, the rate will be reduced, thereby saving battery consumption. However, as soon as movement is detected, 120 Hz is present again. And this, applied to daily routineIt is something that is noticeable. Although, with nuances.

And it is that, yes, it is a notorious technology and more if you come from a phone with 60 Hz. It is a positive effect that gives you the feeling that the iPhone goes much faster, but in the end it ends up being forgotten when you get used to it. However, the trend to introduce these capabilities is already a reality, so having the four iPhones of 2022 with it is more than a success. And, as the old saying goes, better late than never. And if we take into account that you will no longer have to pay for the most expensive phones to have it, all the better.

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