The cheapest Steam games with which you are going to have a lot of fun

Project Zomboid

Has half a life early accessbut it does not mean that it is an incomplete game. Project Zomboid is developed by a equipment indie very smalland they are obsessed with perfection. Would you survive a zombie apocalypse? If you play this title, you will discover that no.

We are not talking about a zombie game to use. Project Zomboid it’s a simulator. You’ll have to gather food, steal generators, store water, and even cover your skin with clothing to avoid getting cut. The silliest wound can make you fall ill. And the best: the game will end days after your infection, so you will always have the doubt in the body of whether you have been infected. Project Zomboid is inspired by Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, a similar game, but that barely had a graphic section. The level of options and details that the game has is spectacularand playing with friends is totally recommended.

Hollow Knight

hollow knight

born from a crowdfunding, Hollow Knight is currently considered as the best metroidvania of all times. We will descend into the depths of a dark world, but with a spectacular art style, unbeatable gameplay and a simple but perfect combat style. The immersion is so good thanks to its crazy creatures, effects and music, that you will come to think that the approximately 15 euros that it costs are ridiculous compared to the experience that the game brings.

Dead Cells

dead cells

East metroidvania with mechanics roguelike It can get you hooked for hours. It is for PC and for almost all platforms. Dead Cells drink from many games and take their most successful formulas. We will handle a headless character who wakes up in a prison. We will advance through multiple dungeons, each time more complicated and full of enemies until, inevitably, they will end our lives. Every day, we’ll wake up again in prison, and we will have to repeat the process over and over again. But the procedurally generated maps they will make each attempt unique, so dying doesn’t become such a frustrating experience in this game.

What’s more, you can advance through one world or another depending on your preferences, adding more possibilities if you like the game and want to get the DLCwhich are several. The story is amazing toobut you will have to go discovering it dropper and go tying ends.

don’t starve

don't starve

This game is close to completion ten yearsbut not for that we can say that it has aged. don’t starve it’s a survival very dark horror and with a very interesting plot. On don’t starve, we will handle a scientist, Wilson, who, after performing an experiment, appears in the world of shadows, almost without any clue. The goal will be manage to survive with a system roguelike where we will also discover the plot by installments.



Combining the metroidvania with the complicated mechanics of a Dark Souls, the Sevillian studio The Game Kitchen He came to produce this video game thanks to the contributions of patrons on Kickstarter.

It is a chaotic game, strange and with a lot lore Andalusian. Its levels, platforming and final bosses are really well taken care of. reward exploration and has some very detailed scenarios. This «Castlevania made in Spain» can entertain you for many hours while you overcome its complicated levels -and die over and over again-.

stardew valley

stardew valley 1.

Although it is rare that you do not know it, in a few years, Stardew Valley has become one of the best resource management video games of all times. And it has a lot of merit, because the entire game is produced by one person. Every graphic, line of code, or title song is the creation of Eric Barone, commonly by his alias, ConcernedApe. This magnum opus of a single person makes the video game have a cohesion that is already rare to see in projects created by multinational developers.

stardew valley 2

Just to be clear, Stardew Valley is a tribute to Harvest Moon: the creator himself stated that he developed the game as a sequel fan game of the saga, since it had lost quality since its edition Harvest Moon: Back to Nature. If you played this saga in the nineties, you will remember what endearing and at the same time frustrating which were some game mechanics. Stardew Valley improved that: although you still start with an abandoned farm that you inherit from your grandfather, they have improved details such as the vitality bar, the interactions with the neighbors – although they are still materialists who like too much goodies – and the lorewhich has expanded, creating its own original universe.

stardew valley

If you are afraid of getting bored with a farming simulatoryou’re lucky: not everything is plowing on stardew valley. You can also go into the mines to find minerals with which craft tools and weapons with which to fight underground monsters. The game pays tribute to the mining expeditions Minecraft and improves the (somewhat boring) cave levels that were in the original Harvest Moons. If you get bored of chopping or watering, you can spend the day fishing, gathering materials in the wild, cooking, visiting the city, or just talking to the villagers. stardew valley it’s an open game and, although it has objectives that you can set as a goal, it is a video game that leaves you develop an adventure at your own pace and as you prefer. A very tempting option after a long day of responsibilities and deadlines.

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