The chilling case of the young woman who recorded her death: her drugged boyfriend stabbed her more than 30 times

A 25-year-old girl named Lauren Bloomer recorded her death at the hands of her boyfriend, who was experiencing a psychotic episode after using marijuana. Man first argued with her, after stabbed her repeatedly to finally run her over with her car.

Although the events occurred on November 20, 2020 in the English city of Tamworth, however, the details of this chilling murder were revealed just this Wednesday, November 16, when the trial against Jake Notman, 27, whoever victim’s boyfriend.

This was the murder of Lauren

On the day of Lauren’s death, Jake had a cannabis brownie, so he started behaving strangely. The young woman found it funny at first, but then she got worried and searched the internet for how to help someone who was “on a bad trip” after using marijuana.

It was then that he jumped on her and she He turned on his cell phone camera to record everything, at least in audio. Jake first attacked her with his hands and later stab her more than 30 times. Once the college girl was badly hurt, her boyfriend ran over her with a Ford Kuga car.

This Wednesday, when opening the case of the young woman’s death before the Stafford Crown Court, the prosecutor Deborah Gould detailed that the audio captured by Lauren lasts about 17 minutes and in this one you can see how at the beginning she made fun of her boyfriend for his strange behavior, who after 10 minutes became very aggressive.

The prosecutor believes that it was at that moment when she began to beat Lauren, since that is when the screams and calls for help are heard. During the recording, The Mirror recounts, J is heard sayingake telling his girlfriend repeatedly “I won’t see you again”. It is also appreciated that the young woman, with another telephone, calls an aunt and asks for her help.

Jake says he didn’t kill her

During the hearing they reported that some witnesses saw how she ran over the young woman with her Ford Kuga truck and that he did nothing to help her; and that later he dialed 999 to ask for help because “someone had killed his girlfriend.” The young man has taken care of deny that he killed Lauren and he has suggested that the brownie he ate may have had “more than just cannabis in it.”

The psychiatrists who examined Reach agreed that the events occurred during a psocotic episode after using the drug, which is why Lauren wanted to help him get through it. And although the defense believes that he did not do it knowingly, the prosecutor Gould said in this first hearing that it is a clear case of a defendant with a disorderly self-inflicted intention to kill.


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