The Chilling Moment When Students Run From The Shooter At Michigan School | VIDEO

This Tuesday, a 15-year-old man shot the students of a school in Michigan, USA, leaving three people dead and eight wounded; However, the victims could be more, since in social networks circulates a shocking video showing how some students managed to flee before he shot them too.

After the shooting in the Oxford High School, some young people were still barricaded in a hall when you heard that someone was knocking on the door asking to enter. It was him 15 year old assailant, who he tried to fool the boys by telling them he was a cop and that it was safe to go out.

Some boys are relieved to believe that the situation is under control, but others do not trust the man who insists on entering the classroom. “We are not going to risk“shouts one of them, while the aggressor tells him”Ok well just open the door and look me in the eye bro (bro)“.

They almost fell into the trap, unless the perpetrator said the word “bro” (brother), a term that young people use to refer to their peers. The students, still terrified, they detected that error and yelled “red flag”, as a sign that it was the shooter, so they fled the classroom before it came in and shot them too.

They ran in terror, not caring about the snow in the courtyard that connected to another school building where fortunately there were policemen. There they took refuge and it is then that the video ends, fortunately with no more victims to regret.

What we know about the Michigan school shooting

After noon on Tuesday, November 30, 911 received more than 100 calls requesting support at Oxford High School, in Michigan, United States, since someone had fired between 15 and 20 times, which left three students dead and eight people injured, including a school teacher.

The sheriff’s office reported that the deceased were all minors: a 16-year-old boy and two 14 and 17-year-old girls; while of the people injured by gunshot wounds, six were in stable condition, while the remaining two would undergo surgeries.

The alleged perpetrator – a 15-year-old boy and a student at the school – was arrested and had a gun confiscated, but no explanations were given as to the motive for the attack. The AFP agency reported that there was no resistance during the arrest and that the suspect requested a lawyer.


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