The Chromecast HD with Google TV arrives in Spain

Although today the offer of devices to make televisions smarter is simply enormous, we must remember that, not so long ago, the offer was much more limited and, moreover, it generally required an investment of no less from 100-150 euros. This completely changed with the arrival of the first Google Chromecast.a minimalist device (in its first versions it did not even have a remote control, it was controlled from the smartphone) and that, for an exceptionally low price, brought all kinds of services and content to any TV that had an HDMI port.

This market has evolved a lot, as I indicated before, and now it is possible to find a much more varied offer in the same, with extremely cheap proposals, such as the entry versions of the Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, when it comes to Chromecast, since the arrival in our country of Chromecast with Google TV with 4K resolution, back in 2020, and which for a while has been Google’s only option in our country, the barrier to entry has risen. up to 69.99 euros. And yes, it is true that it includes a remote control and that it is a very competent device… but it is still 70 euros.

The Chromecast HD with Google TV arrives in Spain

This, fortunately, has ceased to be so as of today. And it is that as we expected from the beginning of the year, we already saw filtered a few days ago and now we can confirm in your online store, Chromecast HD with Google TV arrives in Spain. Surely you have already deduced it from its name, but its main difference is that its maximum resolution is FullHD (1080p), compared to the 4K resolution of the superior model. Otherwise, we can expect the same performance and features on both devices. And it is that its only noteworthy differences, in addition to its maximum resolution, are that the 4K version is available in three colors, while the HD only in white and, of course, its price difference, which in the Chromecast HD with Google TV it is 39.99 eurosa more than considerable saving of 30 euros compared to the 4K version that, let’s face it, surely many users still cannot take advantage of, since they do not have a 4K television.

Launching this Chromecast HD with Google TV strikes me as a very, very smart move on Google’s part. And it is that as I have just commented, there are still many users whose televisions remain in FullHD, and for these users the investment of 69.99 euros in a 4K device, when the competition offers other devices with HD resolution for between 30 and 40 euros, does not seem justified. Now, with a Chromecast for 39.99 euros, price approaching that of Chromecast origins, Google can substantially scale its market share.

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