The cloud has helped 69% of companies recover from the pandemic

The cloud, and all the technologies and platforms related to it, have undoubtedly been the great protagonists of the world of technology, and a lifeline for many companies, both during the toughest phase of the pandemic and during the recovery. This has been reflected in a report by the consulting firm Aspen Finn for the cloud and VPS tool provider DigitalOcean, which indicates that the 69% of companies ensures that cloud solutions have helped them recover from the pandemic and they have played a prominent role in it.

In addition, 86% of the companies that increased their use of the cloud during the peak times of the pandemic have stated that during 2021 they have continued to increase its use, indicating that there is no brake in sight for the acceleration of the transformation digital and cloud adoption.

Given the situation that has been experienced in practically the entire world, that the adoption of the cloud in companies soared during the pandemic is surely not a surprise to many. But what may be surprising is that even SMEs in more traditional sectors and away from technology are increasingly relying on cloud solutions for their recovery. This is the case in 43% of companies.

But while 52% of SMBs believe that the cloud is critical to the success of their business, 43% do not have a dedicated full-time tech-related employee who can handle solution management. of cloud computing. In addition, as in other types of companies, SMEs also have difficulties facing cloud adoption. The main one is cost, in 19% of cases, while for 13% it is education and technical training. Also, for 12%, the time necessary to manage the services.

The survey carried out for the preparation of the report, conducted among 2,400 people in 48 countries, has also made it clear that there is a very notable knowledge gap about the cloud between large companies and traditional SMEs. Thus, 48% of those who responded to the company and come from the world of SMEs are not familiar with the expression «cloud native», something that only happens in 5% of large companies. Another 56% of respondents from SMEs do not know the term “digital native”, compared to 18% who do not know it in large companies.

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