The Colón de Drassanes-La Rambla building (Barcelona) opens a new coworking space

According to fDi Magazine, the analysis unit of The Financial Times, Barcelona it ranks eighth among the technological European cities of the future. The Ciudad Condal concentrates a quarter of the total ICT companies in Spain, a nucleus that is sustained thanks to startups and SMEs aimed at offering services related to technology and developing quality software, according to data from Barcelona Activa.

Most of these startups and SMEs do not have a fixed workspace and resort to coworkings. In fact, since 2012 in Spain the use of flexible workspaces has increased by 880%, according to data from

For this reason, Cloudworks has decided to expand one of its most iconic locations, located in Drassanes-La Rambla, with the aim of establishing itself in an area of ​​Barcelona that is changing, leaving tourism behind and giving way to a change in the business model where the focus is on technology.

The coworking company founded in 2015 in Barcelona has opted for the Colón Building, considered one of the most iconic buildings in the city, being the first in exceed 100 meters until reaching 110, a height that was surpassed with the construction of the Arts Hotel and the Mapfre Tower.

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Currently, Cloudworks has in this tower with the entire 15th floor dedicated to serviced office, which has now decided to expand with a coworking in the clouds, by adding the last three floors of the building, 23 and 24.

The two floors located at the top of the building have unique views of Barcelona, but they have had to be reformed to adapt them to an office space, since they were previously destined to the ‘Marea Alta restaurant, and they have been adapted to provide a unique workspace. The study in charge of carrying out this reform has been Elastiko and the company has invested € 350,000 in it, you can see the final result in this video.

Flexibility and innovation

The objective of this reform was to convey flexibility and an innovative image that would replace the traditional office, but with warm finishes and linked to the sea. For this reason, the studio designed the facilities seeking the maximum comfort of the coworkers, maximizing natural light at workstations and taking care of indoor air quality.

The layout of the new Cloudworks space is divided according to the plants, thus at number 23 there is a multipurpose space in which there are common areas so that Cloudworks members can enjoy a space for events, multiple terraces with panoramic sea views and flexible positions for a total of twenty-four people, the 24th floor has a workspace for a team of up to sixty members.

Marta Gràcia, CEO of Cloudworks has assured that this expansion means for Cloudworks “the commitment to an area of ​​Barcelona that in recent years has been focused on tourism. We believe that Drassanes – La Rambla can become the new technological hub within the city, beyond 22 @ where we also have a new location inaugurated last November ”.

From the coworking company they know that Barcelona is evolving very fast and that technology is one of the key sectors due to the impact it supposes. In fact, the technological ecosystem of the city has matured in recent years consolidating it in the top 10 entrepreneurial cities in Europe, thanks to meetings such as Tech Barcelona, ​​Mobile World Capital, 4YFN or DFactory BCN.

Cloudworks, founded by Sergi Tarragona and with the direction of Marta Gràcia It currently has a community of more than 1,500 members and more than 18,000 m²; and it has positioned itself as one of the favorite coworkings by the international community. The company’s mission is to provide flexible workspaces that inspire its members and thus contribute to achieving its goals.

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