The Common Prosecutor of Castilla y León accelerates with HPE SimpliVity and Avenet IT

The Common Prosecutor of Castilla y León is a public institution whose objective is the defense and protection of the rights of the citizens of this autonomous community. It can act ex officio or at the request of any citizen who understands that the Administration, its authorities or public employees have harmed their rights or legitimate interests, and the supervised public administrations must respond to the information requirements of this institution.

In this work of defending the rights of citizens, technology plays a fundamental role, since it is necessary for the Institution to be able to process the petitions that are presented with agility.

An outdated infrastructure

As indicated in the Specifications of the corresponding Public Tender, the existing infrastructure had become obsolete, unable to continue supporting the increase in processing and storage needs.

As part of the continuous improvement process of the Institution and since some of these computers were no longer compatible with the new versions of VMware and therefore the environment update was not allowed and, in addition, the storage space was at the limit of capacity, the migration of the current systems to a new highly scalable system is proposed and that provides greater security and existing performance.

When considering the renewal of the infrastructure, and taking into account their needs and objectives, they decide in this sense that the most interesting thing is to bet on a hyperconvergence solution. In the public tender that is launched below, Avenet IT is awarded, a company that had already installed at the time
the infrastructure that the Common Prosecutor of Castilla y León had in place, so he knew his starting point well.

Avenet IT and the commitment to hyperconvergence

After studying the needs presented by its client, the first thing that Avenet IT does is to propose to the Castilla y León Common Prosecutor the migration of the current systems to a new highly scalable system that provides greater security and performance.

Avenet IT proposes as a response the installation of the HPE SimpliVity 380 hyperconverged solution, based on HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 servers. As Vicente González del Pozo, responsible for Business Development at Avenet IT, explains, in addition to having the “classic” advantages of a hyperconverged infrastructure (computing, storage and network services), HPE SimpliVity 380 Gen10 “provides a complete set of advanced functionalities that allow extraordinary improvements in efficiency, management, protection and performance of current traditional infrastructure stacks at a fraction of their cost and complexity”.

In this hyperconverged system, the presence of Artificial Intelligence provided by HPE InfoSight also stands out, which, as confirmed by Vicente González del Pozo, “minimizes support problems and reduces operating expenses with automatic status alerts and case creation. It provides a unified view of HPE SimpliVity assets such as data storage, virtual machine, backups, capacity, and IOPS.”

All these arguments are what, ultimately, end up convincing the institution’s technology managers, who valued characteristics in the offer such as better performance, ease of maintenance or lower cost of ownership (TCO), of the equipment that they had until now.

Productivity and efficiency

After the implementation of the solution, the improvements that HPE SimpliVity introduces in the technological infrastructure of the Common Prosecutor of Castilla y León have not been long in being verified. Thus, it improves the productivity of the institution’s staff by increasing the performance of the services implemented within the hyperconvergence infrastructure.

In addition, report execution wait times have been reduced by more than 50%, the response time of internal applications used has improved, and the backup window has been reduced from more than eight hours to a few minutes.

Equally important, the simplified management of HPE SimpliVity allows less than 5% of the weekly shift to be spent on solution administration tasks, freeing up the technical team for other work.

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