The conspiracy theories of the 2000s were true! Young people are stung with needles in nightclubs

One of the conspiracy theories of the 2000s seems to have become real. Do you remember those viral chains where you were warned to take care of yourself because they could sting with needles with drugs or diseases in public spaces? Well, in the United Kingdom about 300 people have denounced have been victims of something similar.

And it is that the reports indicate that in the last two months there have been almost 300 cases of people who were bitten with syringes in nightclubs in the United Kingdom and then felt as if they were drugged. The Council of National Police Chiefs detailed that from the beginning of September to November 8 there were at least 274 cases of the new type of aggression, which one why is unknown.

The alleged victims reported that their arms were pinched and then bruised and added that they went to hospitals for fear of having been infected with HIV or hepatitis, which until now has not occurred.

Young people protest and demand safety

The first reports were made public in October and shortly thereafter activists and youth protested in at least 40 cities in United Kingdom, to demand that nightclubs have better security measures. The police’s drug affairs division responded that they are investigating the incidents involving the use of syringes, but the case is progressing slowly.

“We will continue to analyze the reports and collaborate with law enforcement, as well as other law enforcement partners, such as the National Crime Agency and the Regional Units against Organized Crime, as the investigations unfold, to develop a profile of the problem and determine any other action by the Police or the locals, “he mentioned at a press conference. Jason Harwin, jChief of the uniformed drugs division.

However, the investigations have been unsuccessful, as it is very difficult to find those responsible. In this regard, Harry Sumnall, professor at Liverpool John Moores University mentioned that: “It is difficult make sense of what is happening with regard to the alleged assaults with needles. Even if a substance is detected, it is not easy to identify the perpetrators, often in dark and crowded environments, and to pursue them. “


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