The consumer sector is betting this year on ecological and reusable products with sustainable material

The Ankorstore marketplace has just announced what have been the products most in demand by retailers on its platform in 2022, as well as consumer trends in 2023.

In 2022, the products most sought after by independent retailers on the European market belong to the categories «Alimentation and drinks”, «Beauty and Wellness» and “Home and Kitchen”, the latter being one of the three categories most purchased by consumers. retailers Spanish people. This general consumer trend is mirrored by the one that emerged during the pandemic and is likely to continue into 2023: the desire to create welcoming, eco-conscious homes, the purchase of premium foods, and the prioritization of personal care products.

“During 2022 and in the short time that we are open to the public, our feeling is that this sector is booming and is characterized by the customer’s tendency to learn more about the traceability of the products we serve, their history, their origin. Our most relevant product in the store department is canned food”comments Carmen del Pino, administrator and salesperson of aaltabotica, a space to discover, buy and taste gourmet products in the Barcelona expansion.

A sustainable and healthy future

Among the 300,000 independent retailers and 30,000 brands in 28 European countries, including Spain, there is a trend that cuts across all markets and product categories: The sustainability. According to information shared by Guillemette Renoul, Ankorstore Category Manager “Home & Kitchen”, in all product categories, customers want to buy more and more ecological products, with sustainable materials and reusable products.

«Despite the fact that people can travel and leave the house more, I think the trend of making your home a very welcoming, warm and comfortable place is still strong. We have seen it with the increase in the purchase of candles and candlesticks, carpets, incense and aromas. In addition, people are more conscious when it comes to buying locally and choosing brands that are more sustainable, that are committed to better design and that they can know who makes those products”comments Isabel Marín, co-founder of the Chandal concept store.

In addition, there is a great tendency to use natural materials, such as wood, stone and plants in interior and home design. These are usually considered more sustainable and bring a natural and organic air to the space. As for colors, green will continue to set the tone in 2023, along with oranges and new reds, as well as gold.

Retail trends that will continue in 2023

Ankorstore’s internal data revealed different general trends among European retailers that are likely to continue in 2023. In the case of Spain, independent retailers tend to buy sunglasses and women’s clothing within the “Fashion and Accessories” category, as well as espadrilles and manoletinas in footwear.

In the case of “Babies and Children”, there are toys for children, articles and high-quality fashion. In the “Home and Kitchen” category, organic fabrics, ecological products and home decoration. In “Beauty”, sustainable cosmetic brands with natural packaging stand out. French brands are also very popular, along with nationally sourced gourmet food and beverages.

sustainable packaging

Packaging is a key topic in 2023 as it is one of the biggest contributors to the carbon footprint of the beauty industry, making Net zero design a priority. According to Luisa Castillo, an expert in Beauty and Fashion at Ankorstore, the fashion industry in 2023 will also improve its transition from synthetic fibers to recyclable innovation flows, from biobased and biodegradable, to reduce the overall impact. The trend of prioritizing personal care products will continue in 2023.

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Sea moss is emerging as the new key ingredient for its applications in skin and hair care, offering new opportunities for brands and retailers.

Ethical and quality toys

According to Camille Monzein, Account Manager “Kids” at Ankorstore, the new trend for 2023 in the world of children is sustainable products, ethical toys and, above all, locally manufactured brands. There has also been a trend towards better made and quality products, made from recycled materials, with several new brands appearing in Europe in recent months.

Fear of closure despite resistance

To remain competitive against department stores and e-commerce giants, independent retailers not only have to offer a unique and trendy assortment, but also avoid unsold stock and ensure they preserve their margins while offering great value. price quality. Although they have shown great resilience during the difficult last few years of COVID, inflation and supply chain disruptions.

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