The Core i3-12100F is cheaper and faster than AMD CPUs with OC

What happens when you launch the fastest quad-core CPU ever made? Well, several things. The first is that you surprise the world and give pleasant satisfaction to those who have little money, the second is that you leave your rival in the lurch and the third is that you rejoice if they do not even reach you with overclock. Ladies, gentlemen, this is the i3-12100F and its performance.

Already in 2022, thinking of a quad-core CPU is like looking back at the past. The problem is that when Intel pulls a bomb like this out of its pocket… AMD doesn’t have much to do until it reaches Zen 4 to compete. We will not go into praising Intel’s architecture, but we must admit that it has positioned products with performance and price where AMD cannot even compete and this i3-12100F is a good example of it.

The Core i3-12100F crushes all AMD 4-core CPUs

What is it about this CPU to be so special? We start from a price of only 97 dollars as MSRP and with that what Intel will give us in exchange is a processor of 4 cores and 8 wires which are manufactured to 10 nm (now Intel 7) based on Alder Lake architecture with Golden Cove core microarchitecture.

Regarding frequencies we will have a base of 3.3 GHz while in Boost we are going to 4.3 GHz, which doesn’t seem surprising, but …


Its consumption is only 58 watts of PBP, a figure that is increased with Maximum Turbo Power up to 89 watts.

Already having clear that we have in hand, the overclocker LUCKY_NOOB used a unit of this CPU with its standard RM1 heatsink, where the results were surprising when compared to any existing processor with the same cores and threads.

A beast that has no rival even with LN2

The Y-Cruncher data has a lot to tell us, since it literally crushes all the Ryzen 3, but it is also the seventh generation i7 and even the occasional Xeon. Logically, it competes for the same cores and threads where until now the 5300G reigned with an overclock of 5.6 GHz under liquid nitrogen.

The difference between the two is such that there is directly no competition, it is another different league in which the i3-12100F plays and also with a series heatsink and over the air. With 44 seconds and 201 milliseconds it is more than 8 seconds that it endorses a Ryzen 3 5300G with said overclock. Or what is the same, is a 18% faster.

How is AMD going to compete with such a processor that lives up to a higher range? Today it cannot, it does not have and will not have 3D V-Cache processors of that range for a simple price and Zen 4 is still a long way off. What is clear is that Intel’s movement has been very intelligent and that by the time the new AMD architecture arrives, the blue team will have the successor to the current one ready and about to leave: Raptor lake, which promises a performance increase to a lesser extent than the jump seen now.

Will Zen 4 be enough to equalize the contest across all ranges? We will see.

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