The CORSAIR 5000D AIRFLOW case is on sale at a minimum price!

There are thousands of boxes available on the market right now, for all tastes and pockets, but those who want quality know that they are going to have to open their wallets. Although we are in 2022, there are still users who are not aware of the advantages of a good chassis for their components, because aesthetics aside, the important thing is that the components are well fixed, there are no energy flows and of course they are well ventilated. Here comes the CORSAIR 5000D AIRFLOW Whitewhich is now at a historic low price.

If you haven’t had a chance to see a CORSAIR 5000D Airflow in person, you can’t get an idea of ​​the quality and beauty of this chassis. You may like it more or less, but what is undeniable is that it is the best there is for PC for a price in the upper mid-range, especially if we talk about this version with the perforated front.

CORSAIR 5000D Airflow white: offer at an all-time low price

Very rarely are we going to see a model with these characteristics with such an extremely adjusted price. And we are talking about a drop for the white model of 34%, imagine how much it will finally stay…

But first, what do we have here? Well, a chassis that almost falls into the category of MIDDLE TOWERsince you have not insignificant measures of 520mm x 245mm x 520mm, so we are dealing with the possibility of installing ATX motherboards only. This Airflow version takes its name from the front mesh panel that it integrates.

Said panel is made of steel and due to the shape of the triangular drawing that it integrates, it achieves an improved air flow compared to the normal version that maximizes the cooling capacity of all our components, thereby achieving lower temperatures.

The maximum number of fans that can be installed amounts to 10 of 120 mm, while in 140 mm it only allows 4, making it clear that it is a chassis that seeks static pressure for radiators. As for the latter we can install one of 360mm 45mm thick on the front or side of this white CORSAIR 5000D Airflow, or a 360mm on top. The case arrives with two 120mm AirGuide fans pre-installed though.

Connectivity, expansion options and more


One of the strengths of this box is that they have a PWM splitter to control up to 6 fans with a single connector, which facilitates the mounting and synchronization of the RPM of these fans.

On the other hand, we can install up to four 2.5-inch and two 3.5-inch SSDs, which guarantees TB and TB of storage. Another strong point is the wiring system called RapidRoutewhich manages the cables in a single hidden channel so that everything is well organized.

Of course, it is a chassis prepared to house graphics cards vertically, so at this point we will not have to do any modding, yes, the extension cable called CORSAIR PCI-Express 3.0 is sold separately. To finish some important technical specifications, since it supports GPUs up to 400mm, PSU up to 250mm Y heatsinks up to 170mm High.

We have already mentioned the discount and offer of 34% for this white CORSAIR 5000D Airflow, which translates into 110.94 euros from the €168.90 that I had yesterday. Historical low price!

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