The court opposes Apple: will not grant suspension of mandatory changes in the App Store

Undoubtedly the legal battle between Epic Games and the Google and Apple stores over the months has given much to talk about, focusing mainly on Epic’s attempt to put a link to allow players to pay directly through the game and avoid the tax on purchases from the Play Store and App Store.

However, with Google still appealing this ruling, the only count that Apple lost had to do with precisely these anti-address policies that restrict developers from using links in their applications that direct users to alternative payment methods, or which is the same, the ruling that forced it to allow the promotion of alternative payment methods to the App Store.

Unsurprisingly, the company appealed the ruling seeking a stay to prevent the court from enforcing the injunction, but the court rejected that request. US District Judge Yvonne González Rogers wrote that Apple’s request was based on “a selective reading of the court’s findings and ignored all findings supporting the court order«.

Specifically, the judge spoke of antitrust conduct, including super competitive commission rates. and “extraordinarily high operating margins” that did not correlate with the value of Apple’s intellectual property.

For its part, Apple has been arguing that integrating these changes into its app store was a huge task, and would require months to carry out. According to Apple lawyer Mark Perry, the company would be the first time that Apple allowed live links in an application. Additionally, Perry said it would take months for them to resolve the engineering, economic, business and other issues surrounding the change.

However, one issue that allegedly bothered Judge Rogers was that Apple did not indicate how long the changes would take to implement. In fact, the judge assured that Apple’s legal team had not asked for additional time to comply with the provisions, but rather was seeking a court order that could take years to enforce, or an indefinite suspension without any effort requirement to comply.

Thus, the court has again run against the Cupertino giant, so according to the current ruling, Apple will have until December 9 to complete the changes in the App Store court ordered.

What is clear is that, even with this date so close, Apple won’t give up so easily and will continue to use all of its resources and efforts to pursue an appeal. This change could cost you billions of dollars in both your store restructuring and lost revenue.

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