The coworking, Aticco Workspaces, grows in Madrid supported by local owners

Aticco Workspaces has announced an expansion of 2,600 m2 in Madrid through the management of a new space very close to General Perón Avenue. This operation will lead the company to manage a total of 28,000 m2, adding all its locations in Barcelona and Madrid.

For this extension, the coworking company you have not looked for a traditional rental operation, as is usual practice in the sector, but it has allied itself with Simplifika Capital, who has acquired the building to develop a coworking space. An alliance by which the owner agrees to make the necessary adaptations to the property and in return participates in the profit margin generated from the activity that takes place in the space.

In the words of German Gimeno and Ernesto Villanuevafounding partners of the Simplifika Group: «The capital managers specialized in real estate investments and the owners of real estate assets in particular, must move towards new more liquid models, where flexibility is key. With the coworking model, we manage to develop assets and maximize their profitability for investors. We have searched the market to find the ideal partner and we have decided on Aticco for its innovative model, its proximity to the client, its content and its relevance in the sector, in addition to the extra profitability that they can offer us”.

For its part, Aticco Workspaces continues to gain positions in the ranking of coworking spaces, thanks to this type of agreement already the high demand in the market for flexible workspaces which, as indicated by Aticco, has recovered and already exceeds the figures for 2019.

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The rise of the contract model management

In this scenario, Aticco bets on the model of management and continues to seek owner-partners to accelerate its growth, both in the coworking spaces of Aticco Workspaces and in those of coliving by Aticco Living. «With the management contract model we are partners with the owners of the assets, aligning our positions 100% and maximizing the profitability of their assets»clarifies Gabriel Espín, CEO and co-founder of Aticco.

Apart from this new building in the surroundings of the General Peron AvenueAticco Workspaces prepares new openings, in association with owners through agreements of managementin Barcelona and Madrid, but also seeks to associate with owners from other capitals such as Valencia, Malaga or Bilbao.

From Aticco they trust that this model will allow the expansion of flexible workspaces: “The flex model will absorb a very important part of the office park in large cities and for this reason we are going to see more and more owners who are interested in participating in this model.”

The new location that Aticco Workspaces will manage in Madrid, the second in the capital, will be a reference center with corporate spaces, flex spaces, event areas, relaxation areas, a gym, terraces and other spaces that will be revealed in the coming months. when the remodeling works of the building are finished.

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