The coworking business is a good idea: the example of Aticco

The coworking business is relatively new, and most of the companies that emerged under this concept faced multiple events since its birth: covid, teleworking, inflation… With this perspective, could it be said that betting on coworking was a good idea? One of the leading brands in the flexible space sector in Spain, AtticcoCan you give us an answer to this question?

What began as a small coworking startup, in six years, Aticco has become a huge community that has with more than 5,000 people between coworkers, colivers, accelerated startups and mentors.

More and more workers opt for this form of work, something that is reflected in the 11 million euros of turnover with which Aticco Workspaces closes the financial year of 2022. The success of the business model lies in the advantages that being aticcoworker, this means much more than having access to offices where to carry out daily tasks. Lets go to one of the more than 500 events and initiatives driven and there create connections with other members. In addition, more than 200 hours were dedicated to activities related to wellness, and with this same objective, its centers have disconnection areas such as common areas, terraces or a gym.

Aticco Living: More than 350 rooms to create community

The coliving It is a shared housing model, which has been consolidated in the main European cities. The facilities that are offered to colivers, together with the synergies that are created with the coworking model, while creating links around the city, make coliving a very attractive model for young entrepreneurs.

Aticco Living currently has 350 coliving units in Barcelona that are expected to exceed 900 by 2023.

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