The creator of Breaking Bad will have a new series on Apple TV +

As you all know, Vince Gilligan is the mind behind two of the most popular serial hits of the last decade. neither more nor less than breaking bad Y Better Call Saul They are the product of his talent, to which it seems that now, finally, Apple TV + has managed to hunt him down and put him in a safe place. Surely and for the third time in a row the writer, showrunner and producer born in Richmond, Virginia, will re-create an enduring classic.

a tough fight

The new series that Vince Gilligan is preparing has been going around the desks of the main production companies for some time as it has been considered a real event that came to have many girlfriends. Not in vain, being able to say that this new release “belongs to the creator of breaking bad » is to have a lot of cattle and I would invite any viewer to subscribe to a platform just to delight in what you have made.

Y It has been the Apple TV + platform that has taken the cat to the water and the one that seems the most has insisted on taking over a project that will be executed by Sony’s series division (for all mankind, etc.) and which has an approximate budget per chapter of nearly 15 million dollars. An amount that brings it closer to blockbusters such as The Rings of Power from Prime Video, which has spent a little more on each installment: 20. By the way, they have been confirmed at once that this new fiction will have two seasons so it will not extend too much in time, as it did with breaking bad Y Better Call Saul.

Be that as it may, another of the data that is known is that Vince Gilligan will return to work with Rhea Seehorn, co-star of Better Call Saul (plays Kim, Jimmy McGill’s girlfriend) and who already worked hard in the series directing some chapters. In this new project she will be the main protagonist. She is more, she was so happy she was in the last few hours that she uploaded a message to Twitter in which she stated that she was literally “in the clouds.”

Twitter user image

Rhea Seehorn


I am OVER THE MOON excited about this!!!!
Words cannot express.
My heart is exploding!

September 22, 2022 • 22:43

A drama with a different approach

What seems clear is that once seen breaking bad Y Better Call Saul Vince Gilligan’s stories move comfortably through that universe of drug traffickers and characters that appear entering and leaving their stories without going unpunished. On this occasion, although nothing is officially known, the shots could repeat a similar orientation but significantly modifying both the setting and the type of main characters.

In other words, we may forget about Albuquerque already to move to another location where deadline, the medium that has offered the exclusive, states that «is set in our world while modifying it, bending reality and focusing on people and exploring the human condition in unexpected and surprising ways.” It sounds really weird but as vague and nebulous as it is, with Vince Gilligan we all hope that what comes out of his head will be as funny, corrosive and dramatic as his two greatest hits. Don’t you think?

Let’s hope that its success transcends beyond fiction, as it already happened with the series. breaking bad. Nope?

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