The creator of La Casa de Papel regrets killing this character

La Casa de Papel seemed like one of those self-concluding series of a season, but it has given for five.

And while some lament that there will not be season 6, the truth is that its creator, Alex Pina, what he regrets is killing one of the main characters too soon.

Is about Moscow, played by veteran actor Paco Tous, which rose to fame, above all, with the detective series Paco’s men.

The history of Moscow and why Alex Pina regrets killing him too soon

Moscow, whose real name is Agustín Ramos, was an Asturian miner who had to quit his job because of silicosis and claustrophobia. Denver’s father, another of the original gang members, always tried to take care of him ever since he abandoned his wife in a roundabout so she could buy drugs.

But life is hard and, to get ahead, it began with petty thefts that ended in the robbery of a Caja Rural in Avilés, as well as in joining the band of La Casa de Papel. There, he takes advantage of his knowledge in mining, locksmithing and explosives.

During a police raid, while the gang was surrounded in the fourteenth chapter of the series, Moscow is shot that will end his life. In a statement to Brazil’s CNN, series creator Alex Pina said he regretted breaking up with him too soon.

The creator of La casa de papel regrets killing Moscow

According to Pina, the character I still had a lot to give, especially in the sense of bringing comedy to a series that is always full of moments of tension.

In fact, if he died so soon it was because not even Alex Pina himself trusted that the series would have such a long life. Had he known, he would have thought about it, and Moscow would probably have lasted considerably longer.

The characters Denver and Moscow from La Casa de Papel

The truth is that Paco Tous is one of the most endearing characters. A good-natured father figure who tries to take care of the rest of the group, and not just her son Denver.

His death was a hard blow for many fans and the truth is that Tous provided one of the most natural and accurate interpretations. A shame considering that, on occasions, La Casa de Papel has quite convoluted and artificial dialogues and performances.

It is true that Paco Tous has appeared in some episodes after his death, but always in the form of flashback, so that it has never again played a fundamental role in the development of history.

We will see if, as Alex Pina also commented, The Paper House ends up having some spin-off although there are no more seasons. Apparently, it is possible that there is interest in telling the story of some of the characters in more depth and that, perhaps, thus we will see Paco Tous playing Moscow again.

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