The croquettes of ¡Ay! Gregoria also have a place in eCommerce

Of all the wonderful dishes that are cooked in Spain, the croquettes they stand out for the increase in their consumption every year. It is not surprising that a bite of one of them generates so much pleasure and has its own World Croquette Day. During the pandemic, data was recorded that placed the consumption of this delicacy almost 10% higher. However, the companies that were dedicated to the hospitality industry had to reinvent themselves and include an online service adapted to the new reality.

According to data from the AecocShopperview study, more than 40% of consumers choose to buy prepared foods at least once a week. All in all, the need to promote eCommerce and be able to solve all the difficulties that businesses like ¡Ay! Gregoria was essential. In this sense, it seeks to avoid crowds in the premises and think about the comfort of the client. Jose Luis Garcia Asperilla, owner of Oh! Gregoria, a company specialized in 100% handmade croquettes, created a website accompanied by an online sales service where you can display all the products you sell. “Given the circumstances, I felt the need to create an online shopping service, so I decided to create a digital strategy based on eCommerce.” explains José Luis.

Thanks to the solutions provided by the QDQ Group, ¡Ay! Gregoria has a website optimized through the eCommerce service. Through the intuitive and easy-to-understand design of its website, users are not required to create an account to place an order and They have the purchase button at first sight without having to look for it. Something that has been achieved by working with a digital marketing strategy focused on the eCommerce service of your website. “I decided to bet on the comfort of the client and that users when making a purchase did not have to be registered to make a process faster, easier and simpler.”, affirms José Luis. “I am sure that as a result of this work my business will go forward”.

With the support of Grupo QDQ, the client has a digital advisor who, in these cases, is essential for the process to be implemented efficiently. “Without your help nothing would have been possible. Thanks to the communication we have had and the facilities it has given me, we have been able to stay in contact at all times”. And, although they have been working for a few months, it is expected to continue obtaining results and adding more services as the company continues to grow and croquettes continue to be one of the gastronomic claims of Spain. “Little by little I will add more services such as SEO to position myself in the first searches and for users to find my business more quickly”. “Thanks to the treatment and professionalism of the QDQ Group, I am sure that little by little I will notice the results.”

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Oh! Gregoria is not only dedicated to the preparation of croquettes, but she has more than 20 years of experience in the preparation of prepared meals. Thanks to eCommerce they have improved the process to bring its cooking experience with its best products directly to the consumer.

Work with Oh! Gregoria has been very enriching, since with this type of experience we improve day by day and pushes us to continue working to help SMEs and freelancers get their businesses forward”, says Javier Ortiz, Marketing Director of the QDQ Group. “At the QDQ Group we value the satisfaction of our customers above all else. For us it is very important that companies in the field of hospitality have relied on eCommerce to boost their businesses on the Internet and meet an ever-increasing demand. In addition, eCommerce not only helps with sales growth, but also enhances the brand image and gives more visibility and opportunities”.

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