The cryptocurrency startup, Criptan, obtains recognition from the Bank of Spain

The cryptocurrency platform, Criptan, has been recognized by the Spanish central bank as a company that complies with the commercial and professional honorability requirements, established for credit institutions and with the Money Laundering Prevention regulations.

This is a very important step towards the regulation and mass adoption of blockchain technology, as well as cryptocurrencies by Spanish society. In this sense, Criptan has been working since its inception on a voluntary basis in favor of reliability and regulation and has now been able to certify with all the documentation provided to the regulatory body.

The CEO of Criptan indicated: “For us, this is a very important milestone as it reinforces the path we have followed since the principle of always working from the regulation side. This new crypto ecosystem is based on trust, and for our users these validations are very valuable. It has been a great effort, but it is totally worth it since we have a long-term vision and it is necessary to do things well».

The startup closed its last round of financing at 3.5 million euros, with the support of investors such as Ángel Corcóstegui, former CEO of Banco Santander, Juan Roig, through his investment company Angels, as well as José María Castellano, who was vice president and CEO of the Inditex textile group between 1997 and 2005, together with his son Pablo, who now leads your Family Office.

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These names are added to other investors that allow Criptan to approach the new generations with people like Guillermo Díaz (WillyRex), the famous youtuber who has more than 35 million subscribers on his two channels, or Samuel de Luque (Vegetta777), with more than 32 million followers on YouTube, among others.

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