The Cuphead Show: online a sneak peek of the Netflix series

There is a lot of curiosity about the series: The Cuphead Show and, now, we can finally admire a sneak peek from the series Netflix based on the video game released in 2017.

The Cuphead Show: A clip from the series shows Dice King

The clip released by Netflix introduces King says, one of the video game bosses we see as casino manager and nothing less than the devil’s right hand. The voice is that of Wayne Brady, a well-known face in the United States, where he often appears as a singer, host and television comedian. Brady he has also had several roles in tv series such as How I Met Your Mother is Black Lightning.

Below The Cuphead Show a sneak peek of the series Netflix:

Texture and details

We do not yet know the official release date of the series Netflix, but we can see the teaser here for now.

As for the plot:

The beautifully animated retro video game comes to life with The Cuphead Show!. The series is a comedy based on the adventures and misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and the cautious and quiet brother Mugman. The two often get into trouble on the island of Inkwell and how in the game they will have to deal with irascible sirens, boxer frogs and even the devil himself.

Dave Wasson, famous figure of some Disney Channel TV series such as Mickey Mouse and Star vs. the Forces of Evil, recalled:

I’m a huge fan of 1930s rubber-style animation and when we saw the first images of the video game, everything felt so authentic and true to that era. I knew this project was going to be very special. From there, it was a bit of a talent contest to see who the showrunners were going to be, and so I had to launch CJ Kettler and Chad and Jared on Netflix, and every time we moved on it was like, ‘OK, you’ve come this far. , now don’t blow it. They must all love you! ‘

Wasson he then added that:

Our show is a friendly comedy as far as its core is concerned. It all comes from these characters – Cuphead, for example, is an adorable scammer who constantly craves fun and adventure, who even has a mug on his head! The catalyst of the show is Cuphead and his brother Mugman’s desire to venture out and find more than just living in this cabin in the woods with Elder Kettle! The good thing about the show’s pilot is that it’s designed to introduce the characters as we spend a day in the lives of Cuphead and Mugman.

Despite we have seen The Cuphead Show in this sneak peek, we will be able to preview the series on Netflix before the end of the year.

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