The curious, and very clever, secret Xbox project

The care with which Microsoft treats everything related to Xbox is more than evident, and has increased substantially in recent years. Gone are the times when Xbox was just a family of consoles with which those from Redmond tried, with uneven luck in the various generations, to face Sony with their almighty PlayStation. Today things have changed so much that it almost seems that this goal has lost much of its initial weight.

The big change comes when in Redmond consider starting a game subscription service, a proposal that first reaches your console, but some time later makes the leap to PC. I’m talking, of course, about Xbox Game Pass, one of Microsoft’s biggest successes in recent years and, furthermore, the most obvious demonstration that the subscription model, so successful in other fields such as music, movies and series, It also has a long way to go when it comes to games.

Since then, you know Microsoft has stepped on the accelerator to increase its specific weight in the sector, and the biggest example of this is found in the acquisitions of Zenimax and Activision Blizzard, but also in other seemingly minor moves, such as its collaboration with Samsung, which actually extends the potential reach of Xbox Game Pass, or more specifically Xbox Cloud, to all the latest Samsung TVs. And yes, we are talking about a market of millions of potential new users.

In this context, the discovery of Aggiornamenti Lumia may seem minor, but personally I don’t think so. Quite the contrary, and if it finally materializes, it seems like a great success to give Xbox even more visibility. And it is that, as we can see in the image of the tweet, Microsoft is working on Xbox Dynamic Backgrounds Editor, that is, a tool for creating dynamic desktop backgroundsa type of customization that attracts many users and that we already talked about here.

And why do I say that I think it is a very smart move, if finally this application reaches the users? Pbecause its use is a constant reminder of the Xbox ecosystem. Just as Microsoft has taken several steps to integrate images referenced from Bing, with the same purpose, offering an application that allows users to design their personalized dynamic wallpapers, brings to the fore one of the company’s priorities in recent years. .

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