The curious story behind LEGO frogs

The frogs they have become great easter eggs from lego sets. These little plastic amphibians are present in many of the Danish brand’s kits, but not many people realize it. If you have ever wondered why there are frogs in your LEGO set, here we tell you the origin and what are the craziest cases we know of to date.

The origin of the LEGO frogs

Apparently, the first time a frog was included in a LEGO set was in the year 2000. For many, LEGO frogs have been with us all their lives, but their first appearance was in the set lego belvilleThe Queen’s Room’ (5826). Later, sets like this would be called ‘LEGO Friends’. This first frog was not opaque like all the ones we know now, but a transparent emerald green color. Already on this occasion, the frog was introduced in a comical way, since his position was right on the throne of the queen. Apparently this was a reference to the German children’s tale The Frog Prince.

The thing could have stayed there, but a year later, the frog reappeared on a Harry Potter set. Since then, the LEGO frog has been appearing in many sets. For the first ten years, the LEGO frog was still a frog, but it had a decorative function within the game. It was launched in different colors and had its place within the construction.

The thing was spreading, and in the year 2013, someone decided to twist the loop even more with the frog’s Easter Egg. In the set Kingdoms Joust, the frog was no longer a frog as such or a statue, but formed the legs of a table. We don’t know what happened after this inside the Danish company, but they are already 130 LEGO sets including frogs in one way or another. There are ten different varieties in terms of colors and materials, and they have been used in some crazy ways.

The craziest uses for LEGO frogs

We want to think that LEGO pays a bonus to every designer who manages to make a set introducing frogs in one way or another, or there is a quarrel among the company’s workers that would justify this little joke. Only in this way could the sets that we are going to see next be justified:

frogs up by the ears

Lion Dance (80104)

The set Lion Dance (80104) contains three lions in total. Not many people realize when riding lions that cats don’t have ears very normal to say. Indeed, they are frogs.

The T-Rex with frog DNA

This set also has a frog. Its designer, Mark Stafford, decided to include a frog to be placed inside the dinosaur. It is a nod to the Jurassic Park movies, in which it is explained that it was used part of the frog’s DNA to bring these huge creatures to the present.

Cherry blossoms

Bonsai Tree (10281)

And we close with the most wonderful set of all. At first glance, the set bonsai tree (10281) might not have any frogs. However, the entire top of the tree is made of the aforementioned frogs. This set has 100 frogs pink and white. There is also a brown one that is part of the tree.

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