The dance is over: TikTok is down and not working

TikTok not working

The drop in service is partial. While the mobile application seems to work, the official website is completely down, so one of the services of the moment is completely without service. It seems that it is not the week of social networks, since after the massive fall that affected Facebook services, leaving without Facebook, WhatsApp, or Instagram, now we have to add a new incidence to what is possibly the social network of the moment. All those users who use their computer’s browser to view TikTok are currently without service, having only the option of the official mobile application as a temporary solution.

TikTok Fallen

In the portal DownDetector There are many incidents that are appearing every minute, so the affected users multiply as time passes. We just have to try to enter the official application or the web to verify that the entire service is affected by this major incident. At the moment the causes are unknown

How can i fix it?

To avoid making things worse, the best thing you can do is forget about TikTok and enter other social networks, such as Instagram (will this problem help increase reel traffic?). The more times you try to enter the service, the more you saturate the servers, so the smartest thing is to let the social network technicians work to solve their problems.

At the moment, the official TikTok support account on Twitter has not commented on the matter, but in social networks many users are warning of the problems that are affecting the navigation of the service.

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