The dataphone could have the days numbered

The evolution of digital payments is assuming a whole boom for small entrepreneurs and self-employed workers. The emergence of fintech and neobanks, which offer traditional products from large entities, are constantly innovating, replacing services that were becoming obsolete or malfunctioning.

To give a boost to digital methods, the country’s largest Self-Employed Association, ATA, has signed an agreement with Divilo to update and modernize customer payments from mobile phones. The agreement has been initialed by Juan Guruceta, Founder and CEO of Divilo and Lorenzo Amor, president of ATA.

Divilo, regulated by the Bank of Spain and Principal Member of VISA, will allow the self-employed to integrate their business in the online and offline channel in a single solution, allowing you to accept payments from your website in a few minutes, charge by sending a link or showing a QR code, as well as being able to charge with your mobile without having to have another additional device.

“Diveep eliminates at the root the problems of coverage, battery, paper and fixed monthly cost that traditional dataphones give. In addition, it will be able to issue and send invoices in real time to the client ”, says Juan Guruceta, Founder and CEO of Divilo. “We are very happy to help the self-employed to generate more wealth through this agreement, for which they will benefit from a special offer, reducing their current expenses and increasing the sales of their business. Together with the best team of professionals, we knew that we had to find a solution to the uncomfortable moment in which the dataphone does not work. And we have succeeded ”.

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In the era in which everything happens to find digital solutions to small big problems and thus be more competitive, it was necessary to achieve significant progress at the level of digital maturity of our partners and from ATA we are committed to taking a further step also in the way in which the self-employed charge for their services ”, ATA President Lorenzo Amor has said at the signing of the agreement between ATA and Divilo.

“Digitization has come to our lives and our businesses to stay and this Neo Bank created to serve SMEs and freelancers will make the financial management of freelancers simpler, safer and more comfortable”, it is finished.

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