The day of delivery of the new 14 and 16 ″ MacBook Pros has arrived

Today just 24 hours after the launch of the new versions of the different OS among which we find macOS Monterey, we have to say that It is the turn of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. All those users who bought the new MacBook Pro at the time of its launch and during the first minutes are today waiting for the arrival of the equipment. As we usually say in each launch, today is the day of the delivery man.

And it is that those who are in charge of bringing our new equipment home become highly anticipated and loved people. Today is the day to be literally waiting behind the door from home until they ring the doorbell to open and find us with the box of our new equipment.

These Apple MacBook Pros have powerful new processors, new design, the new MagSafe, HDMI and notch. We have already seen some unboxing in which we all hallucinate with their specifications and with the changes implemented by Apple in them.

We recommend patience to all those who have to receive their new MacBook Pro and above all we recommend enjoying these computers once we receive them at home, office, etc. They are undoubtedly the best MacBook Pro that Apple has made in its history, powerful computers with connection ports and a screen that will really blow your mind in the case of the 16-inch XDR models. Congratulations to the lucky owners of these new MacBook Pros.

Those who were left with the desire to buy one of these equipment and have an Apple store or authorized reseller nearby, they can try to get hold of any of them. Stock will likely be tight on launch day but you never know.

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