The Demium Acceleration Program offers startups up to 500,000 euros

The Spanish talent investment company, Demium, has announced that its Acceleration Program, launched at the end of last year as a one-off initiative, is going to become a proposal for continuity within its line of services for startups in the initial stages of development. And as part of this commitment, the company has improved the conditions from which the selected projects can benefit.

The first improvement is that the program will no longer work due to issues, but it will be continuously open so that startups can apply at any time. It is directed to already established startups as a company and with a powerful team of co-founders, who have a disruptive value proposition based on a technology-based solution already in operation, and with first metrics. Those selected must demonstrate its ability to pull to receive between 1 and 2 million euros of additional investment (public or private) in the 24 months following the entry of Demium Capital.

Participants may come from any European country, as long as they have or will be based in Spain or Portugal, where the Acceleration Program will take place. During the selection process, it will be positively valued that they have previously closed a round of pre-seed financing, that they have support or are in conversations with business angels or some venture capital.

As a novelty, the selected startups will access a pre-acceleration period in which they will receive help to prepare their project from the investment committee of Demium Capital. After this step, will receive €150,000 of direct investment (before the amount was €25,000).

During the six-month program, they will have access to a team of coaches and mentors whose objective will be to help the startup evolve, multiply its value and prepare the next financing round, in which Demium Capital will be able to support with up to 350,000 additional € together with the investment with other VCs and the public investment that the startup manages to capture”, explains Ignacio Parada, director of the Demium Acceleration Program.

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With this new exclusive acceleration model, Demium Capital anticipates invest between 10 and 12 startups a year.

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