The Department of Tax Information Technology will have a new headquarters of 70 million euros

The Official State Gazette (BOE) announced a few hours ago the tender so that the Ministry of Finance can start the construction works of the new headquarters of the Tax Information Department (DIT)linked and dependent on the Tax Agency, in the Mabit Madrid, the technological hub of the Spanish capital. is anticipated to be operational before 2027.

Undertaking this project will mean public coffers a disbursement of 70 million euros. It will be located at number 480 Calle Alcalá, on a plot of 11,000 square meters owned by the State. The new building, which will improve the technical conditions of the data processing center, will reduce the real estate expenses of the AET computer services unifying them all in a single headquarters. Thus, three of its four departments will be transferred to the new location. Nor should we forget that with this unification you will be contributing to the carbon footprint reduction.

The configuration of the building is already clearly defined. It will have 14,000 square meters of underground garage, 25,500 square meters of surface above ground and will allow the work of up to 1,320 employees, once they leave their current headquarters. Similarly, it is a perfectly connected space, as it is very close to the Suanzes metro station, and surrounded by large green areas.

The Department of Tax Information is a commitment of the Ministry of Finance to raise your own technological back office and adapt to the 3.0 reality of the market, speed up bureaucratic procedures and achieve greater technical productivity that is later reflected in a higher degree of profitability.

The parcel at number 480 Calle Alcalá has not been owned by the Executive for a relatively short time. The Tax Information Technology Department was originally intended for the State Vehicle Park, although its course changed in 2011 when the Ministry of Economy and Finance opted for the change that is now being contemplated. Despite the fact that construction was paralyzed, the ministry that presides Maria Jesus Montero wants to continue with the project of its predecessor, Elena saltyand plans to make it a reality and make it fully operational in the shortest possible time.

Madbit, a unique space

The new Tax Information Technology Department will be located in Madbit, a project initiated with the intention of transforming the area of ​​the Juan Camarillo Industrial Park into the digital age, betting on values ​​such as competitiveness and the creation of an innovative technology district unprecedented and in keeping with the avant-garde values ​​of the 21st century. Here physical and technological connectivity converges with the most creative activities, the industrial sector with the residential sector.

In this area there are data centers of companies from all over the world, such as the American Interxionthe Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) or the biopharmaceutical modern (driver of the Covid-19 vaccine), which has recently moved its laboratories there.

This innovative technological area is expected to be able to compete with the District 22@ of Barcelona and serve as a magnet to attract talent and capital and technology investment from companies from all over the world. The Bank of Spain has a very close fund store, but we also highlight others that have their headquarters there: the German Bosh, the Rovi pharmaceutical company, the ALK-Abelló laboratory, and the L’Oreal cosmetics company. Other Spanish companies are added to the list, such as: PRISA, Roche, Indra, Santa Lucía, Telefónica, Ferrovial, Dragados, IBM and Pelayo.

This area of 165 hectares Y 3,183,845 square metersin addition to being Madrid’s new innovation district, capable of combining tertiary, industrial and residential activity, will become the new destination for the Department of Tax Information Technology.

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