The design of the OnePlus Ace is official, SFR is revising its prices upwards, the recap

The OnePlus Ace has again appeared on the web. This time, the Chinese brand reveals the design of the smartphone and its new triangle photo block. At the same time, SFR has again revised its prices upwards. Finally, some lucky people are once again entitled to unlimited storage on Google Photos.

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Too busy watching the new muy caliente season of Elite on Netflix, or discovering the 3rd episode of Moon Knight on Disney+, you haven’t found the time to follow the news with us. Do not panic dear readers, we summarize everything that happened yesterday.

This is what the OnePlus Ace looks like

OnePlus has just lifted the veil on the design of its OnePlus Ace. In an official photo published by the Chinese brand, we can see the back of the phone. On this model, OnePlus opts for an all-glass back made up of two different textures. The photo unit comes down to three sensors positioned in the shape of a triangle. In France, the smartphone could arrive on the market under another name. It would be called OnePlus Nord 3.

The OnePlus Ace is revealed in pictures with a new design

SFR increases the price of RED packages but it is possible to refuse

RED by SFR subscribers received an email announcing an increase in the subscription of an additional €3 per month. Unsurprisingly, the operator in the red square allows recalcitrant subscribers to refuse this increase. To do this, simply go to the site indicated at the end of the email and follow the instructions on the screen. Be careful, SFR gives you 4 months to make yourself heard.

SFR is still discreetly increasing the prices of RED packages, here’s how to refuse

Unlimited storage is reserved is certain people

Unlimited storage on Google Photos was abandoned in June 2021. But, from April 26, subscribers of the American operator T-Mobile will be able to subscribe to an option which includes 2 TB of Google One storage space and unlimited storage in original resolution in Google Photos. This service is billed for an additional $15 per month.

Unlimited Google Photos storage is back, but not for everyone

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