The detail of Spider-man in Hawkeye that you missed (and vice versa)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe it has already spread from the big screen to television. And although sometimes this complicates life a bit for the viewer, who even has to watch superhero movies that do not interest him to understand other plots, the truth is that sometimes they occur very interesting overlaps like the one we have seen these last weeks with Hawk Eye Y Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Before you read on, you should know that the most likely thing is that we miss a spoiler so much of Hawk Eye like Spider-Man: No Way Home, so be careful if you keep reading from here.

The curious crossing of details between Hawkeye Y No way home

The fifth episode from Hawk Eye premiered on Disney + exactlye the same day that No way home in theaters. And curiously, there are two cross references between the movie and the episode of Hawkeye which are really fun. Although Spider-Man: No Way Home It is produced in collaboration with Sony Pictures, it is surprising that both products have been fed back. And not only that, but such a fact demonstrates the precision with which Marvel Studios handles the calendars of their productions to square each detail in the exact point and not auto spoil his work.

There is a small detail in Ronin, the fifth episode from the Hawkeye series on Disney + that you probably didn’t notice if you saw it before Spider-Man. During dinner, Ylena starts talking about the New York landmarks not to be missed on your visit to the city. That’s when he talks about the «New Statue of Liberty». Obviously, if you saw the Spider-Man movie first, you would see that the statue was in the works. For much of the film, there is a huge battle right on the scaffold where the remodel is taking place. It is also in the film where they teach us that the New York icon is going to see his lifelong torch replaced to wear it captain America shield.

Too it happens the other way arounds, albeit with much more subtle detail. In No way home you see for a second the announcement of Rogers: The Musical, which is the show Hawkeye goes to with his children on the Disney Plus television series.

How are these references organized?

These small details have not been designed by Marvel Studios, but by Bert & Bertie (Amber Templemore-Finlayson and Katie Ellwood), who are the duo of British directors who have directed several of the last episodes of Hawkeye. As they have explained to The Hollywood Reporter, they were fortunate to have access to the most important productions of Marvel Studios, including co-production with Sony.

In the interview, the two joke that they chose the reference of the Statue of Liberty, but that in the original script had an even more exaggerated reference. They also saw the movie Black Widow before anyone else, since they wanted to know all the details of the character in order to connect him to the maximum with the series without creating any type of conflict. Of course, Marvel Studios values ​​this effort made by many of its creators, writers and directors, because, after all, they make the universe they have created more coherent, more credible and coherent.

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