The details you (maybe) didn’t see from the incredible Batman trailer

The hidden details of the Batman trailer

The new movie The batman It can be seen as a reboot of the character, a start over as another mythical film saga will do, that of James Bond. And in the same way that Agent 007 has had many faces here we are going to see Robert Pattinson in the role of a younger Bruce than we were used to seeing lately. That implies that not only will he be somewhat more inexperienced, he will also be more tormented because he still has to rebuild himself by the death of his parents.

Of course, Batman will not be the only character who adapts to the particular vision of his director, Matt Reeves. Other important characters like the Penguin, Catwoman and Riddler will have a “facelift” so that everyone creates a choreography that many will remember those detective stories from the 50s with Film Noir style. But let’s get down to business and see some striking details that this main trailer has left us.

The new city of Gotham

Gotham has always been a very characteristic city, but this time it seems that The batman will present a much darker stage and we could even say dirty. In addition, the fog and the touch that neon lights give to certain places will round off an aesthetic that many will fall in love with from practically the first frame.

Paul Dano is Enigma

Enigma or Edward Nashton, name of the character behind this Batman enemy, will be played by Paul Dano. This actor seems to promise to offer a version of a criminal very different from those seen so far and more than one may be pleasantly surprised with him.

Similarly, the undeniable surprise is that many would not expect an Enigma as austere as this one, with a somewhat rudimentary mask and very easily caught by Jim Gordon. Of course, it all seems like something planned rather than a hit by the Gotham police.

The Batsignal

The classic signal with which the police and, in particular, Jim Gordon attracts Batman’s attention is like the city itself: rudimentary, dirty, chaotic … a kind of piece of metal shaped like a bat that, placed on a powerful spotlight, projects it so that the dark knight can see it.

Batman’s voice

It is not the first time that you will be able to hear a very deep Batman voice, with very deep tones that give greater authority and is even capable of frightening, but it may be one of the most attractive. At least the one offered by the English version. We will have to see what the Spanish dubbing is like, but you will always have the option to see it in VOSE.

Batman’s suit

Like the voice and other typical elements of the DC hero, the Batman costume is what fans expect the most with each new movie along with the Batmobile. On this occasion we had already seen the odd advance that gave us a glimpse of a typical style. “armor” -In fact, it seems bulletproof-, but it never hurts to delight in it again thanks to the new trailer.

By the way, thanks to the DC FanDome we have learned that for the first tests Robert Pattinson used the old Val Kilmer suit, a “very uncomfortable” outfit as the actor has confessed.

A more violent Batman

It is clear that Batman has never been a character who avoids confrontation, but you could say that if he is not the most violent of all, he will be close. Robert Pattinson’s Batman doesn’t seem to cut himself when it comes to defending himself and even attacking himself first, so much so that he even uses a taser gun.

What’s more, the violent character, which may be motivated by his inexperience and youth (which prevents him from controlling his own emotions), make when he visits Enigma in jail, he hits the glass that separates them. A touch this also that gives him that human point that makes him let himself be carried away by his most basic impulses.

Selina Kyle, Catwoman

The character of Catwoman It has never been exploited as it should or could and it is a shame. This time Selina Kyle, the woman behind that cat costume, is played by Zoë Kravitz. The truth is that the role seems to fit perfectly and we could be in front of a new Harley Quinn. Will you have a solo movie? I wish.

The Penguin

Just like Enigma and Catwoman, The Penguin It also debuts a very different look than we were used to, with special mention of the one played by Danny De Vito in the Batman movie The Return. Here he will look more serious, that of a punished mobster.

It’s not Gollum, it’s Alfred

Andy Serkis, remembered by many for his role as Gollum, is the new Alfred And it seems to him the role of the great supporter of Bruce Wayne and Batman himself when he dons the batman suit.

Road to self-destruction?

In some scenes Alfred is seen telling Batman that if he continues like this it may not be long until he has nothing left. He replies that he doesn’t care. Could Batman be walking towards self-destruction? Possibly, but it sure will regain control.

The new Batmobile

We have said it, along with the suit, Batman’s car is always the protagonist of each of his films and here it would not be less. The new Batmobile is awesome. A kind of Muscle Car that is inspired by classic designs from the 70s such as the Ford Mustang.

Matt Reeves posted on Twitter some images of the car where you can see its aesthetics in more detail and, as we say, it is very attractive. The best Batmobile?

When the Batman premieres

The batman It will be released in theaters on March 4, 2022. There are still a few months left and it is likely that we will see a new additional trailer as the date approaches. So in the meantime, enjoy this advance that can be seen even at 4K resolution on Vimeo. All yours.

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