The digital marketing platform for SMEs, Sendinblue, is renamed Brevo

short is the new name of the leading global digital marketing platform for small and medium-sized businesses, Sendinblue. With this change, the company wants to continue its mission of providing its customers a complete CRM platform that allows them to promote their sustainable growth, in the long term. This goal requires companies to invest in technology to grow their customer relationships on a larger scale.

Since 2012, Brevo has remained current in terms of innovation, incorporating new functionalities and in recent years, the company has observed a change in the needs of your customers. With digitization, consumers have changed and now demand that brands adapt their interactions by offering a personalized customer experience, in real time and above all, in the communication channel of their choice. This trend has accelerated significantly in the last three years: Sendinblue originally only offered email marketing campaigns, while now only 31% of customers use this feature. This shows that today’s companies they need more tools because their customers expect a richer experience.

More than traditional marketing tactics, modern companies need integrated marketing and CRM tools on a single platform, which allows customers to be reached where they are, in real time, and with two-way conversations through SMS, WhatsApp and chat. Therefore, in recognition of the evolution to a complete CRM platform, Sendinblue has decided to change its name to accurately reflect its new capabilities.

«The pace of digital marketing and consumer behavior has required us to innovate and evolve to empower businesses to grow even during difficult cycles.«, points out Armand Thiberge, founder and CEO of Brevo. «We’ve responded to this need with an affordable solution that allows you to nurture customer relationships and achieve growth at scale. The transformation to Brevo is a major milestone in our company’s decade and this expansion will take us over the next 10 years to meet our ambitious growth targets. At Brevo, we believe in empowering companies of all sizes to strengthen the global economy, which is why we chose a name that exudes positivity and enthusiasm. Brevo is a cry of optimism and growth for our customers.”

New identity, but the same values

With its new identity, Brevo stands out as the only comprehensive solutionwith unmatched value and reliable customer support, in a CRM platform that enables brands to stay GDPR compliant.

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“Brevo’s main purpose is to reinforce our personality and the unique value of our own brand. With growth as the main edge, this concept is reflected in all the visual elements, where a logo inspired by the growth of trees and a language that reflects the expansion of our mission stand out. We have chosen green as the primary color to evoke growth and have selected secondary colors for each of our product offerings for easy recognition.”Explain Miri Blum, Vice President of Global Marketing.

In the last 18 months, Brevo has exceeded 100 million euros in annual recurring revenue -maintaining a positive EBITDA- through a stable organic growth rate of 40% annual growth, and has acquired and integrated six startups—Chatra, Metrilo, PushOwl,, Captain Wallet, and MeetFox—to speed deployment of functionality as customer needs have changed. Brevo has big plans for the future: reaching an annual recurring revenue of €1 billion by 2030, focusing on responding to the need for businesses to create stronger and more lasting relationships with their customers.

In a world where marketing encompasses the entire customer experience, Brevo is focused on lasting relationships with real people. Contrary to a focus on short-term sales, Brevo is a symbol of investment in sustainable relationships, since these will always be the best acquisition for growth, giving companies the opportunity to develop their potential.

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