The digitization of Human Resources is in an advanced stage in 75% of Spanish companies

Changes in the work environment and the demand for specialized profiles are driving the digitization of Human Resources, which are already in an advanced stage in 75% of Spanish companies.

The need to be more and more competent is pushing organizations to bet on technology. In the area of Human Resources (HR) of many companies this technological commitment is reflected and 75% have this department in an advanced phase of digitization.

The demand for increasingly specialized profiles in the IT sector and so necessary for the maintenance of the technological infrastructure, privacy and regulatory compliance of organizations is driving this digitization of Human Resources departments.

This is leading to those responsible for recruiting personnel specializing in the digital world in order to select professionals in this field according to their needs.

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Big Data, the great trend in Human Resources

According to the Human Resources firm S & you, there are four trends that HR managers must take into account when carrying out their work, taking advantage of the possibilities they allow.

Its application in this area of ​​organizations provides great advantages since, as Fernando González, a consultant specialized in the IT sector of S & you, points out, “It is becoming more and more frequent to use alternative methods in this area for personnel selection, instead of doing a ‘classic’ interview or a structured group dynamic where you can prepare the answers in advance, because the same ones are always used”.

Undoubtedly, it is the great trend in Human Resources since data analytics, applied to personnel management, allows extracting valuable information about the trajectory of candidates that helps to predict how their performance will be if they join the company.

It is a perfect complement to Big Data that is very useful to identify talent, listen to the collaborator and offer virtual assistance. However, it is also key in the selection of personnel to choose the most suitable.

The role that social media can play in HR management is still largely unknown. However, it has great potential, especially in sectors such as technology, where the demand for qualified personnel is experiencing strong growth and social networks help to attract new employees and their recruitment.

Gamification has become a very useful tool to motivate employees and its efficiency using game techniques and concepts in various company activities has kept it gaining followers. It is increasingly common to see organizations that use games of real situations, such as ‘scape rooms’, or to see the on-site performance of people in the face of specific problems, or the skills in any work environment to solve problems, work in team, or tolerance for frustration.

This trend will continue to acquire increasing importance throughout this year and will encourage companies to see not only advantages within the organization by fostering motivation, commitment and teamwork, but also when selecting employees. most suitable candidates to be part of your staff.

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