The director of Abandoned keeps playing Kojima (please stop)

Playing with Kojima again?

The whole mess around the game starts to freak out. With the already sounded two-month delay of the release of the teaser in application format for PS5, and the numerous puns that always pointed to Hideo Kojima, now we have to add one more twist to this mysterious game case that boasts of being humble and that hides a gigantic marketing campaign.

Either way, Hasan Kahraman He has returned to the charge, and through his official Twitter account he has decided to give another spark that has not taken long to set fire to social networks, especially on Reddit, where they continue to trust that there is something behind all this.

The image of the island

Kojima Abandoned Island

The theme is in the new header image that the developer has uploaded to their profile. In the photo we can see the image of an island in the middle of the sea, or rather, a small island, since its size seems to be quite small. The image as such does not say anything, and could simply be a way to celebrate the summer or some summer memory of the developer, but some users have decided to find meaning in the photo.

According to some users, the image in question would be hiding a new reference to Kojima, since, according to the new theory, the words “small island“In Japanese translates as” Kojima “. Boom. Yes, a simple translation of a word that comes from the fruit of the interpretation of the image. What did you expect? At this point, we can expect anything from the Twitter profile of a developer whose company had not previously released any other game and now comes with a worldwide release for PS5 with a majestic display.

Where is the limit?

Kojima Summer Game Fest

Previously Blue Box had already denied any kind of relationship with Kojima and Konami, but that did not prevent its manager from continuing to make jokes about it. It seems that now with the availability of the application for PS5 closer, the studio wants to continue making noise, and for this there is nothing better than continuing with the same strategy as always.

The problem is that, if this definitely ends up as a bad joke and Abandoned is indeed a standalone game with no relation to the Japanese genius, the community will probably go very against it no matter how good or bad the game is. first person adventure.

We are only a few days away before the application is available in the PlayStation store, although we will have to keep waiting until it can be unlocked at the end of August, since that will be at that time when we see the live trailer of the game.

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