The distribution of the Wool series for Apple TV + is expanded

Earlier this year, Apple announced that it had acquired the rights to a new series called Wool, a series that will star Rebecca Ferguson and of which we still do not know the premiere date and to which we have to add a new actor.

According to the guys from Deadline, the actor and rapper known as Common has just joined the series although at the moment it is unknown what his role in the series will be, a series that also features Tim Robbins, David Oyelowo and Rashida Jones.

I don’t think it’s necessary to talk about Tim Robbins, but about David Oyelowo, who has participated in the series Ted lasso. Rashida Jones, was part of the distribution of film On the Rocks, a film in which she was the daughter of Bill Murray, the protagonist of this film directed by Sofia Coppola and which is available on Apple TV +.

Rebecca ferguson

The Wool series shows us how humanity lives in an underground silo as the atmosphere is polluted. This silo is hundreds of stories deep, where residents have a number of tasks to keep the facility running.

At the address is Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) while behind the script we find Graham Yost (Justified). In production is AMC Studios for Apple TV +.

Wool was originally published as a trilogy and is based on the books by Hugh Howey. The first part of this trilogy was published online. After the success it had, Hugh Howey was expanding it with additional stories until now that it has become a series.

The three books that are part of this series are: Wool, Shifty and Dust. Apparently, AMC had been thinking about this series for many years, but it had never quite taken the step. It seems that Apple TV + has been the push that has motivated this production company to give it the go-ahead.

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