The documentary The Line disappoints in its premiere for not taking risks

When Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher was received at home as if he were a criminal instead of what he expected, a public campaign began where beyond the interventions of him and his team, the intervention of the United States was being judged. in Iraq. In this documentary released by Apple, it is about reviewing the events of those people destined for the place of conflict and telling us their version of events. But The Line has disappointed because it has only remained on the surface, without being able to get to the bottom of the matter.

Directors Jeff Zimbalist and Doug Shultz have done a very good job adapting the podcast of the same name into a four-part documentary. Released recently on Apple TV +, users of the payment platform, especially Americans, expected the protagonists to tell first-hand what happened in the deployment in Iraq.

After Mosul became a stronghold for extremists terrorizing and killing fellow Iraqis, it was time for American soldiers to give their all. However that turned into a bloodbath and with the soldiers out of their minds acting like real stalkers. Phrases like calling ISIS members “modern Nazis” and Mosul “the best display of our lives” or when one of them compared the deployment to “going to the Super Bowl”, They’ve had Eddie Gallagher called into question. The Naval Criminal Investigation Service charged Gallagher with murder charges, after hearing testimonies from his colleagues.

There were a lot of questions to be answered and the documentary looked like it was going to answer them. However, it has not been like that. The directors, they have not put pressure and they have fallen far short of wanting to find the truth.

Now the most shocking moment is when Gallagher finally confesses that he killed the Iraqi captive (in fact, he tortured him for a few minutes, to demonstrate medical techniques to his fellow SEALs), looking at the camera and saying: “I sleep well at night.”

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