The dramatic moment when a mom and her baby fall into an open drain | VIDEO

In social networks and media circulates the video of the impressive moment when a mom walks down the street with a baby in her arms and both fall into an uncovered drain; After seeing the accident, at least a score of people run to try to rescue them.

In the recording you can see how the woman she is distracted writing on the phone And just when the cell phone is placed to his ear, he does not notice that there is an advertisement next to the hole; then the woman’s left foot is swept in and the woman falls at the same time that she and the little girl of just nine months -according to media- they manage to hit each other on the head.

The fall was so fast that in a matter of seconds neither of them can see themselves inside the drain, so the people who came to help them do everything possible to rescue them. According to information from the Daily Mail, a man identified as LakhwinderHe was the one who got into the sewer to get the woman and her baby out.

And it is then that manages to get them out safe, well luckily they had no serious injuries, according to what the media reports. Both were examined once they were rescued and the scene ends in the woman hugging her baby.

The drain had been without a lid for days

Just as mother and daughter are rescued from the sewer, the brave neighbors organized to discuss how to cover it and in the end they opted for place an ad above the opening. After three men covered the dangerous hole, everything returned to normal.

Daily Mail notes that locals confessed that the drain it had already been uncovered for several days, despite the fact that she had already been reported to the authorities of Faridabad, India. According to the recording, the accident occurred on October 8, but the video was released until now.


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