The DVB wants DTT to be seen from your mobile through 5G

It is not the first time that we have talked about the possibility that DTT derives in a multi-device format so that you can seeView your favorite channels from your TV, mobile phone, tablet or any other compatible device. In addition, Digital Terrestrial Television is guaranteed to broadcast in the current format until 2030. Now, DVB has confirmed that the future lies in power watch DTT through the 5G signal.

Little by little, mobile networks expand their spectrum of operation, cutting the available bands. In recent years, DTT has lost 800 and 700 MHz to make way for 4G and 5G. For this reason, DVB, the association in charge of creating the European standards used in terrestrial and satellite broadcasts, has announced that its next objective is to allow DTT to be seen on a multi-device.

The DVB knows that the future of DTT is to be multi-device

To get it, have signed a collaboration agreement with 5G Media Action Group (5G-MAG) with the intention of offering television through 5G networks. The idea is to create a single standard through the solutions of both associations with the aim of creating DVB-I over 5G, a new standard that will allow DTT to be viewed through 5G,

As indicated in the Press release, DVB and 5G-MAG will meet for the first time on January 26 to start defining the way forward. 5G has the capacity to offer unicast and broadcast television signals to any device, so the possibilities offered by this alliance are very interesting.

More than anything because it It could offer a user experience very similar to that of current DTT, but on your mobile phone and other compatible devices. It should be remembered that DVB-I is compatible with Smart TVs, multimedia players, smartphones, tablets… Come on, you won’t be short of options to watch TV.

DTT channels 4K

On the other hand, 5G is ready to broadcast TV and radio, making it the best option to replace DTT. Remember that the range of a 5G antenna is 100 kilometers, so reception will not be a problem. Although it is true that coverage in Spain is not complete, there are still a few years to go before DTT changes to this new format.

Although it must be remembered that currently Spain has not established a regulation based on DVB-T2. It is true that the Government requires that all televisions and tuners that reach the Spanish market have support for this standard, it has not yet been officially confirmed. But anyway, and remembering the advantages it offers, you have all the logic in the world that will go into the roadmap.

What we do know for sure is that DTT as we know it will disappear in 2030. And when the Third Digital Dividend arrives, it is very likely that Digital Terrestrial Television will lose more frequencies to be given to the telephone sector. and triumphing the new standard that will allow viewing DTT through 5Gcould be the revulsive that a format that seems to be doomed to disappear due to the rise of platforms such as Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime Video needs.

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