The Dynabook Tecra A50-J receives ZONE 1 certification

Security has become one of the key pillars for any professional, and for any company, and therefore represents a very important value in any technological device. Dynabook, the brand heir to Toshiba’s legacy in the portable sector, has confirmed that the Dynabook Tecra A50-J is the ZONE 1 security certificatean important recognition that is part of the Zoning classification of the Ministry of Defense.

It is important to note that any commercial equipment that processes or stores information classified as confidential, or higher, must undergo a ZONING evaluation process, carried out by the National Cryptologic Center.

With the application of this classification system, the CCN seeks reinforce protection and optimize value for money to offer a high level of consumer confidence. The result of this evaluation can classify the equipment based on the electromagnetic emanations that can compromise safety, and divides them into three levels: ZONE 1, ZONE 2 or ZONE 3. ZONE 1 is the highest, and has been awarded to the Dynabook Tecra A50-J, which means it offers a higher level of security.

We find ourselves in an increasingly complex and globalized world, in which information and communication technologies play an increasingly important role. Therefore, companies must be aware that cybersecurity management represents a clear and important challenge from which it is impossible to escape.

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Based on this reality, Dynabook has picked up “the glove” and that is why it designs and manufactures its equipment offering a high level of security. In this regard, it is worth noting its own BIOS, as well as the function of granting individual access rights. This works for both software and hardware and allows IT administrators to activate individual USB inputs for a specific group of users, include biometric systems for access to products or offer a range of Secure Core devices that equip professionals from various fields and industries with innovative security features.

Regarding obtaining the ZONE 1 certificate, Maite Ramos, director of Dynabook Iberia, commented:

“We’re very proud to receive this certificate. In our company we believe that the business fabric must be proactively protected. For this reason, data security is one of our priorities when it comes to offering the best innovation at the service of productivity, employee flexibility and adapted to the new hybrid work model.”

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