The Dyson V11 Parquet Extra is entitled to 108 euros reduction during the sales

[Le Deal du Jour] Very powerful, Dyson stick vacuum cleaners are among the best references on the market. The recent model of the English brand, the V11 Parquet Extra, benefits from a very appreciable reduction at the moment, since its price goes from 599 euros to 491 euros on Cdiscount.

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Since their arrival on the market, Dyson stick vacuum cleaners have demonstrated that the chore of vacuuming can be less tiring and above all much less noisy than with a standard vacuum cleaner that you have to drag like a ball behind you. With a lot of power and very manoeuvrable, these models make short work of all the dirt that accumulates on your floors.

The recent V11 Parquet Extra is certainly one of the best references of the brand, so when you see it with a good promotion during the sales, you don’t hesitate to validate your basket for very long.

Usually offered at 599 euros, the Dyson V11 Parquet Extra is currently displayed at 491 euros at Cdiscount.

To better understand the offer

  • What are the advantages of the Dyson V11 Parquet Extra upright vacuum?

Like all of the British brand’s stick vacuums, the design of the Dyson V11 Parquet Extra allows it to vacuum from floor to ceiling. Its wireless format makes it very handy; enough to change your life if you are used to tripping over standard vacuum cleaners that you drag behind you. Here, a push of a small trigger is enough to operate the Dyson V11. Its suction will also have the advantage of being quieter.

To complete the cleaning of our floors, we can use several accessories: a soft cleaning roller, a motorized mini-brush to remove dirt encrusted in small spaces or to clean fabrics, a soft mini-brush for fragile surfaces or still a long nozzle for hard to reach places. If you want to vacuum small areas, such as your table for example, you can opt for the detachable hand vacuum cleaner.

  • What is its power?

Over the years, Dyson has become inseparable from the word “power”. And this V11 is no exception to this rule since, according to the manufacturer, this model benefits from 45% more power than its predecessor, the V10. Three speed modes will also be offered, and the rollers have been designed to capture all possible dirt that can litter your floors. And not to spoil anything, this V11 will offer very good dust filtration: its filtration system will be able to capture the smallest particles.

The Dyson V11 Parquet Extra will be able to run for 60 minutes (in Eco mode) before needing to recharge. In Boost mode, the autonomy will drop to 5 minutes. When the stick vacuum cleaner has completed its task, you can attach it to its wall station. Regarding the expulsion of dust, the V11 has a well thought-out mechanism that will prevent you from getting your hands dirty: the ejection will be done cleanly and quickly in the trash.

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