The E.Leclerc chain relies on a startup to improve internal communication

Internal communication has become in one of the priorities for large companies in our country. And it is that, as a Gallup study affirms, improving engagement with employees causes companies to increase their productivity by 20%, which translates into a great improvement in profits.

In this context, the startup Steeple has collaborated with E. Leclerc to promote communication in its establishment in Pamplona, ​​managing to involve 98% of its employees thanks to its technology.

Large distribution establishments such as E. Leclerc have a large number of employees, so the transmission of information between workers it is a complicated task. Klaus Mestern, director of Marketing and Communication of the establishment, explains that “Not all employees had a company device or email to keep up with what was going on. The information did not reach all departments or was transmitted incompletely by word of mouth”.

To solve this problem, Steeple implemented its exclusive internal communication software, thus managing to replace the traditional bulletin board with a system of touch screens, mobile application and web browser that has made it possible that, in addition to involving 98% of the workforce, 88% of the employees are also active users in the communication of the company.

81% of workers have access to touch screens, from where they can interact with the information using their own username. This has also prompted the download of the Steeple mobile app used daily by 83% of the employees of this establishment.

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Increased job satisfaction rates

Emilien Delile, Country Manager in Spain, explains that «We are very proud to collaborate with E.Leclerc, improving its internal communication and job satisfaction rates in Pamplona. Steeple is a solution that stands out especially in companies like this, with a large workforce of people who are not digitalized. Having tools that improve employee retention will be increasingly relevant to maintain productivity and remain competitive in the market.”

In the same way that it has happened in the Pamplona facilities, Steeple is now available in more than 200 establishments of this E.Leclerc hypermarket chain. The vast majority of them, located in French territory.

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