The edge computing market will double in the next five years

Computing is increasingly moving towards the edge and in the next five years technologies such as 5G, IoT and data analytics at the edge will become dominant in many sectors that have so far relied on big data centers.

This is confirmed by a study carried out by, which leaves us as the main headline, that the market for equipment and services related to edge computing will grow at a rate of 17% per year for the next five years, boosting the total size of this market above 18,000 million dollars by the year 2026. Right now we are talking about a global market of 9.3 billion.

As we have pointed out before, this growth will be largely driven by the need that more and more companies have to obtain very low latencies, so that the need to make that round trip between the center where the data and the cloud. Industrial environments, autonomous vehicles, real-time content streaming services, mixed reality devices… are the ones that will initially benefit the most from the deployment of more technology at the extreme.

As for the different regions, the report indicates that the United States will continue to lead the adoption of this type of technology during the next decade. However, the most important growths will be seen in China (17.8%), Japan (14.9%) and Canada (14.7%).

In any case, both the United States and the vast Asia-Pacific region will once again leave behind a Europe that has not quite “done its homework” in terms of technology and that runs the risk of continuing to lose competitiveness.

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