The electric bicycle monopolizes the searches for sustainable urban mobility

The sustainable urban mobility It is one of the objectives to be achieved by most public institutions. In the framework of European Mobility Weekthe experts of Witailerdigital agency that provides consulting, technology and Business Intelligence solutions for the growth of brands on Amazon and others marketplaceshave analyzed how searches have evolved in relation to sustainable mobility within Amazon Spain.

According to company data, within the category “bikes“, the electric bikes have seen their popularity increase, until monopolizing the 50.10% of searches with respect to the total of the category within Amazon Spain. Data that highlights the awareness that citizens show towards mobility solutions that are more respectful of the environment.

Likewise, scooters continue to experience an increase in their searches, finding the termelectric scooter” among the thirty most wanted within Amazon Spain. With the return of the holidays, during September and October 2021 the highest growth in the volume of searches for this term was registered. All this accompanied by an increase in interest in electric chargers for vehicles, having risen more than 46,000 positions in the search ranking in the marketplace.

Changes in mobility, in a sustainable key

Currently, European cities are committed to a model of sustainable mobility, discouraging the use of fossil fuels. Plans that, on the other hand, are complemented by the creation of bike lanes and pedestrianization of streets to discourage the use of cars, promoting means of transport that do not generate emissions.

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Thus, the measures promoted by the Government have led Amazon Spain users to seek new forms of mobility. So much so that, currently, the “electric bikes” represent 40.95% of searches within their category. Followed by “mountain bikes” (21.01%) or “folding bicycles” (3.38%).

In this regard, among the terms that have experienced a higher volume of searches in the bicycle category, “electric bicycle”, “folding electric bike”, “mountain electric bike” either “electric bike kit, following this trend.

Electric vehicles, a growing trend

After the definition of the roadmap defined by the European Commission in relation to electric cars to promote sustainable mobility for 2035, users are beginning to express interest in these products. Thus, in the category of equipment for charging electric vehicles, some of the most searched specific terms are “Wallbox”, a brand that manufactures electric vehicle charging technologies, followed by “electric car charger” and “electric car charging cable type 2”.

“The analysis of searches in ‘marketplaces’ such as Amazon Spain allows us to identify consumer trends that will mark the coming months”, says Ignacio Hurtado, General Director of Witailer in Spain. “At Witailer, we constantly observe the new demands of users, such as sustainability, to help our clients in the process of growth within the ‘marketplace’, identifying new business opportunities”Hurtado concludes.

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