the electric city car for less than €20,000 is confirmed

Volkswagen has just introduced the ID. 2all, a new concept car that lays the foundations for what will be the future ID.2 or ID. Golf. But in passing, the manufacturer took the opportunity to confirm half-word the development of another electric city car offered under the bar of 20,000 €.

volkswagen ID.  2all
Credits: Volkswagen

With the ban on the sale of thermal cars in Europe by 2035, many manufacturers are accelerating their energy transition. In this race against time, Volkswagen is pretty well placed since the German brand has already announced the launch of ten new electric cars by 2026.

In 2023 alone, three of them will land on the market, namely the revised and corrected version of the ID. 3, the ID sedan. 7 or even the long wheelbase variant of the ID. Buzz (with 7 seats), the brand’s already ultra-popular electric combi.

volkswagen ID.  2all
Credits: Volkswagen

Volkswagen is aiming for €25,000 with the ID. 2all

This Wednesday, March 15, 2023, Volkswagen lifted the veil on the ID. 2all, a new concept car that lays the foundations for the future ID.2 or ID. Golf coming in 2025 (the final name of the serial version is not yet known). This car will be the manufacturer’s first electric model sold below €25,000.

A symbolic amount that many manufacturers are trying to reach, whether Renault with the next electric R5 to come in 2024 or the mysterious Tesla Model 2.

Either way, Volkswagen’s promise is ambitious, especially for an electric car witha range of 450 km in the WLTP cyclean electric motor 166 kw of 226 hpa top-of-the-range cabin with a dual screen, no less than 1330 liters of volume in the trunkand ultra-fast charging (10 to 80% in just 20 minutes on a DC terminal).

volkswagen ID.  2all
Credits: Volkswagen

Another even cheaper electric city car in the works

At first glance, one might think that the ID. 2all is supposed to replace the Volkswagen e-Up!, the brand’s small electric city car available from €27,945. It might be, temporarily at least.

By carefully reading the manufacturer’s press release, VW does indeed confirm the development of another watted model, this time sold for less than €20,000!

Indeed, in addition to an SUV variant of the ID. 3 scheduled for 2026,”despite all the challenges, Volkswagen is preparing an electric car for less than 20,000 euros”. A little phrase that looks like nothing gives weight to rumors about a hypothetical ID. 1 displayed precisely at this price. One thing is certain, Volkswagen has taken the turn to 100% electric and intends to hit hard in the years to come, as evidenced by its objective of 80% market share in Europe for electric cars.

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