The emotional connection, key for your company to connect with consumers

When deciding a purchase, different factors come into play, including emotions. For loyalty experts build connections between consumers and brands Through feelings or moods are some of the keys to success.

At Tenerity, an expert company in profitable loyalty, they recognize the relevance of these connections established between consumers and brands. In fact, personalized, real, contextualized, and convenient experiences have caught on. And this is demonstrated by numerous studies on the subject, including the latest report prepared by the Association for Customer Experience, “Reinventing the customer experience”, which highlights that the importance of attributes not related to the price, as is the emotional dimension.

“The mission of loyalty strategies is to build fans of the brand and, for this, one of the main objectives is to connect with emotions”, explains Eduardo Esparza, VP General Manager of Tenerity for Spain and Brazil. β€œIt must impact the mind of the consumer, generating a feeling of belonging and togetherness that connects them with the brand at a deeper level. In other words, we must generate that ‘spark’ necessary for there to be a real connection and commitment between the brand and the consumer ”.

Hyper personalized experiences, amplified interactions, excellent customer service, agile technology, customization with adaptability or agnostic content are the six basic elements to generate that spark between consumers and brands, according to Tenerity.

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1. Access to information

In order to offer hyper-personalized experiences, it is essential to know the users in depth, for which we must request a large amount of information from them. One option is gamify the experience making it immersive, being transparent and very clear about the purposes and without making an illegitimate use of the data obtained. When relevant information is offered at the right time, levels of engagement multiply.

2. Amplified interactions

In order for the necessary spark to appear in a connection, it is important to have aspects in common and, for this, it is vital to know the consumers. The greater the degree of personalization, the greater the feedback from consumers and the interactions with them can be amplified to reach higher levels of engagement.

3. Excellent customer service

It is one of the most relevant departments when we talk about the relationship with users, as it is the point of contact between the brand and consumers. The loyalty strategy must always include the customer service department whose mantra must start from excellence, speed and efficiency.


Technological platforms, such as Interact, developed by Tenerity, are capable of adapting to the strategic needs of consumers in a timely manner. “Starting from active listening, at Tenerity we are able to integrate new needs into the platform architecture to adapt to the needs of users, always in constant evolution”, Points Esparza.

5. Customization with adaptability

Each consumer is unique and, therefore, must be treated as such. Thanks to technology and analytical tools, it is possible for each individual to receive personalized treatment, according to their interests, which makes a difference in terms of approaches, type of content, frequency, etc.

6. Content agnostic

The user, through their tastes and interactions with the loyalty program, is the one who should ultimately define its content. From Tenerity they identify the content as agnostic, being able to integrate any typology and from different sources with the aim of making it relevant to the user and being able to surprise them.

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