The employers are desperate with the starvation of the Government in the face of the strike: “It is difficult to understand”

Yesterday, the Board of Directors of the business associations, CEOE and CEPYME met to transfer some urgent requests to the Government, after the shortage crisis that the country is experiencing. High energy costs and the inflationary spiral in which we have been living for a few months are making blow up the patience of some sectors. Self-employed and transport SMEs started a strike a few days ago to which more and more industries are joining, in the face of the starvation of the central government.

The paralyzing of economic activity is just around the corner and to avoid «a great economic and social crisis«, Both associations have published the following statement:

In line with what we have been emphasizing these days, with a previous statement (March 16) and with what our affected sectoral organizations are already transferring, from their own spheres and dialogue tables, actions must be rapid, concrete and effective.

Thus, regarding the package of measures agreed with the transport sector, we do not yet know today how it will be implemented and, therefore, we urge that tomorrow (for today), in the fourth meeting that is going to take place with the Ministry , be detailed at once among others, issues related to direct aid in cents/liter for fuel, in line with other EU countries, so that transport can operate normally. It is not a matter that can be postponed any longer.

While this is happening in our country, neighboring countries such as France, Italy or Portugal they have already deployed precise anti-crisis planswith an expected start-up date.

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It is difficult to understand, as we have reiterated in recent days, that action has not been taken with greater force and speed in the face of blockades of supplies and in favor of those who cannot maintain their activity as a result.

The majority of business sectors in this country are already They are in an untenable situation. The industry is beginning to stop its ovens, with the irreparable loss that this entails for the Spanish economy; the field and fishing and the entire agri-food sector are experiencing a real nightmare; commerce is already suffering an alarming shortage, and so in innumerable business sectors. In this situation, the clamor of companies and society threatens to overflow in the face of political inaction.

All the companies, especially small and medium-sized companies and the self-employed, are in a situation of maximum concern because the current serious situation is compounded by the wear and tear of these last two years. The reality of SMEs and the self-employed to endure this situation is the accumulated over-indebtedness, greater delinquency and reduced liquidity, all due to the lower activity of these months of pandemic, which has also been compensated with less direct aid than other countries around us.

From the sense of State that inspires us, we reiterate and expand our call to the Government so that accelerate and clarify the necessary actions, aimed at redirecting this situation again towards recovery and giving confidence and security to be able to work together looking to the future.

Photo: Onda Cero

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